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Low voltage generators for marine applications

ABB supplies an extensive range of electrical products for demanding marine applications. Proven and reliable product solutions combined with true global support ensure world-class service for ship owners, operators, shipyards, OEMs, panel builders and integrators.

Standard series:

ABB low voltage (LV) standard marine generators are specifically designed for marine diesel gen-sets in main, auxiliary or emergency power generation. ABB standard 4-pole generators have proven themselves in demanding marine applications. They enable short delivery times and high reliability.


  • Short delivery times

  • Robust design for harsh marine environment

  • Compatible to all marine classifications

Typical technical data


Frame sizes

180 – 450



Power range 

13 – 2430 kVA

Voltage level

380 – 440 V at 50 Hz
415 – 480 V at 60 Hz

Speed range

1500 or 1800 rpm, (50 or 60 Hz)

Modular series:

ABB low voltage (LV) modular marine generators are tailor-made for diesel gen-sets or operation as shaft generators on board ships or offshore platforms. ABB has the experience to deliver tailor-made generators for demanding marine applications on time and in budget.


  • Flexible design to meet project specific requirements

  • Reliable excitation system to ensure power supply in all conditions

  • Ample experience with different engines and vessel types

Typical technical data


 Frame sizes

 400 – 630


4 – 10 

Power range

500 – 5000 kVA

Voltage level 

400 V at 50 Hz
450 V or 690 V at 60 Hz 

Frequency and speed 

50/60Hz and 600 – 1800 rpm 

Rated power factor



ABB’s LV marine generators including both standard series and modular series are designed specifically for marine applications to be used in diesel generating sets or as shaft generators on board ships or offshore platforms. They are used as main or emergency power generation. LV marine generators can be applied in wide range of different vessel types.


  • cruisers

  • car and train ferries

  • ice-breakers

  • multi-purpose tankers

  • LNG tankers

  • ice-going vessels

  • supply vessels

  • drilling rigs. etc.

Frame sizes

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