Loves to work where you don't

Motors don't always get to choose their location. Some are condemned to a life in miserable conditions. But some actually like it when space is scarce and conditions are damp, dusty and dirty. Such as ABB's water-cooled M3LP frame size 500 motor.

The M3LP 500 is a low-voltage water-cooled frame-size 500 jacket motor, the biggest of its kind to date from ABB. The motor is specialised to deliver highest safety and reliability in tight spaces and harsh operating conditions for example on ships, in urban basements, in rock caverns, etc.

The motor has a high power density, i.e. it is both compact and powerful. Because it is water cooled, it doesn't need a spacious ventilation system, only fresh water. Equipped with extra-tight sealings and a corrosion-protected steel frame, the M3LP 500 will work reliably even in damp, dusty or dirty environments.

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