Water-cooled motor in frame size 500

The new water-cooled megawatt motor, originally built for the very largest ships, is now launched for general industry applications such as mining, manufacturing, and water and wastewater treatment.

Megawatt class motor in compact size

  • meets today’s multi industry requirements answering to demands for space and high power
  • proven technology for every applications

  • A key addition to water-cooled motor offering

Water-cooling offers benefits for customers

  • low noise level - no external fans are needed
  • space-efficient solution - no ventilation channels are needed
  • helps to keep a cleaner, dust-free environment

Cost-effective solution based on low voltage technology

  • based on ABB's well-proven induction motor technology
  • shares the same mechanical design as ABB's other water-cooled motors
  • Robust design to withstand the harshest conditions

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