Low voltage Dust ignition proof motors

Harnessing the improved safety and operational efficiency

Explore the cutting-edge technology behind ABB's Low voltage dust ignition proof motors are specifically designed for industries operating in potentially explosive, dust-filled environments.

Navigate through our product range and discover how ABB is redefining industrial safety efficiency and productivity. Whether you're involved in mining, chemicals, or any dust-intensive industry, our motors are always tailored to match your operation needs and our global sales. Contact us today and elevate your industrial processes with ABB's Dust Ignition Proof Motors.

  • Certified safety: Compliance with ATEX and IECEx and wide range of national standards
  • Dust ignition protection Ex t (for zone 21), conductive or non conductive dust
  • Dust ignition protection Ex t (for zone 22), conductive or non conductive dust

ABB LV motors for explosive atmospheres - Robust, reliable, safe

Key features

  • Dust tight enclosure combined with controlled temperature of external parts prevents ignition of combustible dust
  • Cast iron or aluminum enclosure
  • Dust groups IIIB or IIIC
  • Temperature class T125 °C, T85 °C …T150 °C optional
  • Certified for variable speed drive
  • Variants for different standards in the oil, gas and chemical sector
  • Type approval for most marine classification societies
  • Application specific design available

Product portfolio

IE5 SynRM Dust Ignition proof motors

IE5 Synchronous Reluctance Dust Ignition proof motors
Cast iron M3GL -  IEC frame sizes 132 to 315
Output power from 5,5 to 315 kW
Voltage/ frequency 230-690V & 50/60 Hz
Marking  Ex t IIIC for zones 21 and 22
Efficiency class IE5
Supply VSD 
Mounting B3, B5, B14, B34, B35 
Cooling IC411 as standard 
Protection IP55
Ambient temp.  -20°C - +40°C (std)
-55°C - +60°C (on request) 
Certification  IECEx and ATEX

Dust ignition proof induction motors

Dust ignition proof induction motors
Cast iron M3GP, M3AA -  IEC frame sizes 71 to 450
Output power from 0.25 to 1000 kW
Voltage/ frequency 230-690V & 50/60 Hz
Marking  Ex t
Efficiency class IE2, IE3, IE4
Supply DOL or VSD 
Mounting B3, B5, B14, B34, B35 
Cooling IC411 as standard 
Protection types  For zone 21: Db, T125 °C, IP65
For zone 22: Dc, T125 °C, IP55 or IP65
Dust groups  IIIB and IIIC
Certification  IECEx and ATEX, other local certificates available

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