HDS Series AC Brushless Servo Motors

ABB’s HDS Series AC brushless servo motors have a 10-pole design that provides high torque and reduced cogging for superior performance. HDS Series AC brushless servo motors achieve accurate positioning, high speeds and efficiency in a reliable package.


  • Segmented lamination design increases efficiency and reduces resistance, minimizing power loss and heat
  • IP65 rating except for face (optional seal available for total IP65 protection)
  • Encapsulated windings for greater heat dissipation and ingress protection
  • Multiple feedback options available: resolver, incremental encodes & absolute encoder
  • Available with two separate connectors for power and feedback or one connector for both power and feedback on absolute feedback (DSL) models
  • Windings rated for 155° C
  • CE/cURus certification

Common applications

  • Cut-to-length
  • Flying shear
  • Labeling
  • Machining
  • Material handling

Common industries

  • Food and beverage
  •  Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Packaging

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