661XL Motors

Baldor•Reliance 661XL motors are designed for belt driven, Air Cooled Heat Exchanger applications in the Petroleum and Chemical Processing industries that require premium efficient motors designed to API 661 standards of 40,000 hours bearing life. They have all the features of our IEEE 841 motors. Meets and or exceeds all the requirements of IEEE Std. 841-2009 with the exception of Mobilith Grease which is required for best performance of the Roller Bearing design. 


  • 5 – 75 hp (foot mounted)
  • 184T – 365T NEMA frame
  • Exceeds the requirement of IEEE Std. 841-2009 with the exception of using Mobilith grease for exceptional roller bearing performance
  • Roller bearing for belted applications, 40,000 hours L10 life per API 661
  • Class F insulation, Class B temperature rise
  • 1.15 service factor
  • Division 2, Class I with a T3 temperature code at 1.0 service factor
  • Vertical lifting provisions for shaft-up and shaft-down mounting
  • Patented PLS (positive lubrication system) for bearings
  • IP56 enclosure: dome shaft slinger, bronze labyrinth shaft seal, gasketed conduit box and cover
  • Inverter ready nameplate
  • Meets IEEE 45 on nameplate
  • ABB smart sensor compatible
  • IEEE 841 test report ships with motor
  • 5 year warranty

Common applications

  • Belt driven, air cooled heat exchanger applications.

Common industries

  • Chemical Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Forest Products Industry

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