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Crusher Duty Motors

Baldor•Reliance Crusher Duty motors are designed for Belt-driven rock crushers, pellet mills, and other applications requiring motors rated for severe duty service and high starting torques.


  • 5 – 600 hp 
  • 184T – 586  NEMA frame
  • Foot mounted, 460 and 575 volt design
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled cast iron construction minimizes vibration and bearing temperature for longer life
  • High torque NEMA Design A, exceeds NEMA design C torques
  • Class F insulation, 1.25 service factor up to 100 hp, 1.15 service factor over 100 hp
  • Oversized ball bearings up to 50 hp, ball and roller bearing design 60 hp and up. 
  • 586/7/8 frames include oversized roller bearing on DE
  • 586/7/8 frames include oversized, insulated ODE bearing and oversized 4.375” shaft
  • IP55 for frame sizes up to L449. IP66 for 586/7/8 frames
  • Embossed raised letters, 304 stainless steel nameplates
  • Inverter ready nameplates
  • ABB smart sensor compatible
  • 3 year warranty

Common applications

  • Belt driven rock crushers
  • Pellet mills
  • High starting torque applications
  • Feeders, stackers and overland conveyors
  • Screen decks
  • Augers and screw conveyors
  • Log washers

Common industries

  • Aggregate & Cement
  • Mining
  • Above ground mining
  • Bulk material handling

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