Software Development Improvement Program (SDIP)

Best practice for our products and services

Software has become an essential component of the systems that run much of the world’s critical infrastructure, from power systems to processing plants.

Our customers are looking for partners to help them exploit the opportunities and meet the challenges of this new era. ABB is on the forefront of strengthening such partnerships by offering a wide range of embedded and application software developed using advanced methodologies.

To support ABB’s diverse range of globally developed products, the Software Development Improvement Program was launched in 2009. While the initiative is planned and coordinated at the group level, the people and improvements are embedded in all of ABB’s divisions. This initiative focuses on three main aspects of software development: people, processes and technology.

Improvement objectives

Based on current industry best practice, we improve software by focusing on the top-ranked quality, cost and schedule drivers. Improvement objectives such as ”Achieve higher quality,” “Increase productivity,” “Develop sustainable products” and “Release with predictable schedules” are accomplished by taking a sequence of process-improvement steps. Achieving these improvement goals is a top priority for each of our business units, enabling us to deliver high-quality products and services.

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