Intervarsity Innovation Challenge

Writing the Future of Digitalization and Sustainable Technologies

Competition Guide

A) Entries

Full-time undergraduate students studying in either public or private universities located in Malaysia.

B) Method of entry

a. Completed entries are to be submitted via email to

b. Participation is open to teams (not more than three (3) per team) or individuals

c. Participants in group shall be required to select a team captain, who is responsible for entry submission

d. If the team is shortlisted to enter the final round, the team captain will be responsible for presentation of the team’s entry and content clarification, if required by jury

C) Topic of Competition

The competition consists of four (4) topics, and entries must be based on only one (1):

1: Innovative Mobility Solutions

2: Data Analytics Solutions

3: Low Latency Technology

4:Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

D) Entry requirement

a. Entries must be aligned and consistent with any one of the topics listed in Item C. Any deviation is subject to immediate elimination

b. Submission of report must be done using English in a “PDF” format

c. Submission must include a plagiarism report attested by the university (Turnitin Plagiarism Report)

c. Word count for submission shall be between 5,000 and 7,500 words. File size must not exceed 5MB

d. The entry can be crafted based on a specific product, technology, or solution, aligned with the chosen topic

e. The entry must include the following details:

    i. Topic followed by Project Title. (e.g. INNOVATIVE MOBILITY SOLUTIONS - FLYING ELECTRIC BUSES)

   ii. Purpose of project and reason for choosing it

  iii. Introduction/Abstract

  iv. Problem to be solved by the product/technology/solution

  v. Current state of technology

  vi. Detailed findings and discussion

  vii. Advantages or innovation points of the product/technology/solution

 viii. Conclusion

  ix. References & Appendices (not included in word count)

E) Work/Project

The work/project must be original, not yet published or patented, and without infringement of intellectual property;

F) Scoring guide

a. 50% on Innovativeness: creativity and originality of proposal.

b. 30% on Feasibility: feasibility in theory and operation.

c. 10% on document format and report presentation: well written and argued in a compelling manner, potentially publishable, and extensive research-level references.

G) Competition jury

a. Shortlisting of entries for the final round will be conducted by technical specialists from ABB Malaysia. b. Jury for the finals will comprise of leading industry professionals and technical experts.

H) Awards

a. Champion = MYR12,000.00 per team
b. First runner-up = MYR6,000.00 per team
c. Three (3) appreciation awards = MYR1,500.00 per team

I) Competition schedule

Important dates for the competition:

1 - Copy



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