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Corpus Christi launches the world's largest multi-use Wi-Fi network with Tropos MetroMesh system

December 5, 2006 - Participating at today's ribbon cutting ceremony officially launching Corpus Christi's city-owned wireless broadband network, Tropos® Networks, the market leader for metro-scale wireless mesh network systems, announced that Corpus Christi has built the world's largest multi-purpose Wi-Fi network.

Tropos teamed with prime contractor Northrop Grumman Corporation to provide the Tropos MetroMesh Wi-Fi networking system to Corpus Christi's wireless broadband network.

Initially begun to create a cost-effective and efficient automated meter reading (AMR) system for gas and water services, the wireless broadband network unveiled today supports a multitude of cost saving applications in all city departments as well as community broadband wireless services for its residents and businesses. These include vehicles equipped with mobile computer systems for police, fire and other public safety officers, mobile desktops for field supervisors and managers, and open access for residents, businesses, and visitors to city resources. The metro-scale Wi-Fi network provides coverage to 90% of the city's population of about 277,000 residents across more than 100 square miles of the city.

"The infrastructure that makes possible the twenty plus applications that we are showcasing today is the Tropos Networks MetroMesh Wi-Fi networking system," said Leonard Scott, Business Unit Manager, Municipal Information Systems Department for Corpus Christi. "The metro-scale mesh network and its innovative multi-application support advance communications for city employees, businesses and residents."

Multi-use capability key to Corpus Christi's success
The foundation for the multi-purpose Corpus Christi network is the multi-use capabilities of the Tropos MetroMesh™ architecture. MetroMesh enables multiple user groups to run and manage separate, secure networks on a single metro-scale Wi-Fi mesh infrastructure. MetroMesh's multi-use capabilities are implemented in the MetroMesh OS and Tropos Control. When combined with Tropos MetroMesh routers, the multi-use capabilities allow each group of users on the Corpus Christi Wi-Fi mesh network to have its own virtual network with its own address space, security encryption mechanisms, access control and classes of service, all administered independently from other user groups. All aspects of each virtual network are centrally monitored and managed using the Tropos Control element management system.

"As the city broadened the scope and diversity of users and applications, our metro-scale MetroMesh systems enabled them to do so without compromising the integrity of the network," said Ron Sege, president and CEO of Tropos Networks. "Now, thousands of city workers, residents, visitors and business can benefit from the pervasive broadband network thanks to the multi-user innovations of our metro-scale, MetroMesh system."

Public Technology Institute (PTI) provided early planning and consultation on the network. Northrop Grumman provided design, installation, integration and support services.

About PTI

The Public Technology Institute is a national member supported organization based in Washington, DC. As the only technology organization created by and for cities and counties, PTI works with a core network of leading local government officials- the PTI membership - to create technology research, best practices, consultancies, and pilots, to promote development initiatives and enhance educational programming. Officials from PTI member governments participate in Councils and Forums that address specific technology areas. Through partnerships with the technology industry, federal agencies, and other governmental organizations, PTI shares the results of these activities and the expertise of its members with the broader audience of the more than 30,000 cities and counties across the United States.

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