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Tropos Networks awarded 40th patent for outdoor broadband wireless mesh networking technology

November 9, 2011 - Tropos® Networks, the best-of-breed provider of private wireless IP broadband networks, today announced that the company has been issued its 40th patent for technology innovations created to meet the unique challenges of outdoor wireless mesh networks.

As a wireless mesh networking pioneer, Tropos has more than 10 years of experience creating private wireless IP broadband network technology and systems to support mission-critical applications in challenging, large-scale, outdoor environments. This experience has enabled Tropos to develop unique intellectual property encompassing multi-radio mesh networks, optimal use of unlicensed frequency bands, session-persistent IP mobility, and self-organizing, self-healing and self-optimizing networks. Key Tropos innovations include developments in wireless-aware mesh routing, distributed radio resource management, endpoint connection reliability, and wireless network management and optimization.

Patented Tropos innovations solve key Smart Grid and smart city communications challenges and address utility requirements of resiliency, adaptability, high performance, security, coverage, scalability, mobility as well as ease of management and control. These advances include:

  • High reliability mesh networks to support mission-critical applications
  • High performance networks capable of effectively utilizing multiple frequency bands and channels to maximize throughput and system capacity, enabling many applications to run on the network at the same time
  • Scalable mesh topologies using highly efficient, wireless-aware mesh routing algorithms that enable networks covering large geographic areas, including large numbers of routers and supporting large numbers of clients
  • Self-optimizing wireless networks to reduce up-front installation and planning costs as well as ongoing operations and management costs
  • Tools to automate every stage of network lifecycle from planning, installation, optimization, troubleshooting and network upgrades, providing ease of use and lowering operations and maintenance costs
  • Reliable communications links to support standards-based wired and wireless endpoints, both fixed and mobile

“Tropos innovations provide solutions to difficult networking challenges experienced by utilities and cities deploying Smart Grid applications including distribution grid optimization, AMI, and security as well as smart city applications in support of public safety, intelligent transportation and mobile workforce automation. In addition, many of the key innovations developed and patented by Tropos will grow in importance over the coming years as wireless data usage continues to increase exponentially for a wide range of applications from utilities to consumers,” said Narasimha Chari, co-founder and chief technology officer for Tropos. “Simultaneously, the next generation of wireless technologies, such as LTE-Advanced, is moving to incorporate key innovations including self-organizing topologies, heterogeneous networks, picocell mesh and carrier aggregation that have been pioneered and implemented by Tropos over the last decade. For example, US Patent 7,542,421 provides a distributed algorithm for dynamic optimization of transmit power levels and data rates in a wireless mesh network to maximize reliability as well as system capacity.”

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