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FOX660 Hybrid backbone

FOX660 is a member of ABB’s comprehensive FOX Family of utility-proven communication solutions. It is positioned as hybrid, providing support for both Time Division Multiplex (TDM) and packet-switched networks in a high-end multiservice multiplexer. FOX660 combines the transport of mission critical TDM-based services, such as teleprotection, high-capacity PDH and SDH connections, with packet-based Ethernet comms. It aggregates more functionality, higher capacity and port density in less space than any other utility multiplexer.

All types of network topologies, including line, mesh and multiple ring structures, are supported and FOX660 offers the unique flexibility to be used either as pure TDM device, as powerful 10 GbE L1 / L2-LAN / MPLS-TP switch, or any combination thereof including full redundancy.

With Release 4 of FOX660, ABB has added OTN-capabilities increasing traffic efficiency further while keeping the often required service segregation.

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