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The Broadband Starting Five

ABB Wireless offers a full suite of broadband wireless mesh networking products that are complementary and designed to deliver specific features and functionality to create a comprehensive end-to-end communications infrastructure.  To understand how to select these products we’ve created the Broadband Starting Five, which is comprised of the most popular ones.

The Basics

Before delving into the details about each wireless broadband product, it's helpful to take a step back and understand the general categories each product fits into based upon their attributes and role in the network:

Core Routers

Core routers form the core of the broadband mesh network and are designed to carry the most network traffic, especially core routers that are configured as gateways.

Edge Nodes

Edge nodes are deployed at the logical edge of the network, which may or may not also be the physical or geographical edge. Their main purpose is to attach wireless and wired clients to the broadband wireless mesh network.

Client Nodes

Client nodes are used to cost-effectively connect large numbers of wired IIoT clients to broadband wireless mesh networks and have limited software capability when compared to core routers and edge nodes.

The table below highlights the unique characteristics and benefits of products in each general category.

Position Characteristics Benefits
Core Router
  • Dual-radio
  • Can operate as a gateway (attached to a wired backhaul link to an intranet or the Internet) or a node (all backhaul links are wireless)
  • Upstream and downstream routing
  • Can connect both wireless and wired clients
  • Best reliability and performance
Edge Node
  • Single radio
  • Can operate as an edge-node only
  • Upstream and downstream routing
  • Can connect both wireless and wired clients
  • Lower price than core routers
  • More functionality than client nodes
Client Node
  • Single radio
  • Can operate as a node only
  • Upstream routing only
  • Can connect wired clients only
  • More software functionality than standard bridge
  • Lowest price, most economical for connecting large numbers of wired IIoT clients
  • Easier device and network configuration, better management than standard bridge

The Broadband Starting Five

The ABB Wireless broadband starting five products are:

TropOS 6420 core mesh routers
TropOS 2410 edge node
MicrOS 410 client nodes MicrOS 411 client nodes

For more information regarding the overall operation of broadband mesh networks from ABB Wireless, please read the white paper TropOS Mesh OS: Foundation of the ABB Wireless Broadband Mesh Network Architecture.

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