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Obregon, Mexico deploys first city-wide Wi-Fi network in Mexico using Tropos Networks' solution

Education, public safety, public works and business applications to boost community well-being
and economy

October 4, 2007 - Tropos® Networks, the market leader in metro-scale wireless mesh network solutions, today announced that the Sonora Institute of Technology (ITSON) Public University is deploying a multi-user, multi-application Wi-Fi network covering 23 square miles of Obregon, Mexico located in the State of Sonora, bordering California and Arizona. The wireless network which uses the Tropos MetroMesh™ solution is part of the state and federally-owned university's initiative to create a knowledge-based and more productive economy in the region.

"Our goal is to enable the economy to be competitive nationally and internationally with the use of information technology," said Jesus Gaxiola, IT Director of ITSON. "Because we are fostering digital inclusion among the 270, 992 inhabitants, a citizen-centered model was employed in designing the project with the individual as the core user of IT based services from the government, education, health and private sector."

ITSON has a commitment to develop those regions where it has a presence. The university is investing in two technology parks in Obregon (one is a university-owned agribusiness park and the other is a software park that is a partnership with state and local governments) and in the City's wireless network. The network will cover the technology parks and most of Obregon to help improve the local economy and create an attractive outsourcing opportunity for international technology companies.

ITSON will own and operate the network with the City of Obregon and the local water company as anchor tenants. The local City government is providing the labor to install and maintain the equipment and will pay for the City's use of the network and services. ITSON also plans to charge a monthly access fee for use of the network to branches of businesses operating in Obregon. Access for the local residents will be free.

University Access, Community Kiosks, Public Safety & City Services
In the first phase currently underway, the network is being deployed to support simultaneous services, applications and content offered from the City's "Obregon Digital" portal accessible via laptops, PDAs and smart phones. Because the majority of the population does not have access to Wi-Fi enabled devices, kiosks equipped with laptops are being set up in university, government and community centers to ensure universal access.

Students, faculty and staff members of ITSON already have access to the network to most of the university applications such as learning platforms, student and employee services, the digital library, knowledge databases and collaboration suites. Elementary schools will also be tied into the network for computer curriculum classes.

In addition, the network will be used for public safety. Eight to ten police cars are being equipped with laptops so that the police will have access from the field to online data services, such as automobile registry data, driver licenses, criminal databases, etc. A video surveillance system will also operate in specific areas of Obregon.

The City's Water Department will replace the current communication infrastructure system for the department's branches. In addition, an automated water meter reading pilot is being implemented to evaluate telemetry for industrial, commercial and residential consumption. The project is expected to improve the accuracy of consumption data while also increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

All of these applications are expected to be completed by December of this year with additional mobile municipal worker applications, such as building inspections, in the planning stage with local officials.

Reliability and Management Critical For Multi-User, Multi-Application Networks
ITSON along with Reto Industrial, their strategic network integrator partner, made an extensive evaluation of wireless technologies and chose the Tropos Networks' MetroMesh Wi-Fi networking system.

"The criteria were overall performance, cost of operation, and proven ability to support a large, multi-user and multi-application network. The Tropos MetroMesh system fulfilled all of these plus offered a set of unique advantages in network and client reliability and network management which is critical in handling different types of traffic, users and institutions," said Amador Najera Ruiz, COO of Reto Industrial.

"Community networks leveraged for multiple municipal mobile applications as well as public access, provide broad applicability and value for the City of Obregon," said Ron Sege, President and CEO of Tropos Networks. "Such networks require a level of reliability, security and management that Tropos has uniquely developed and continues to innovate for city-wide networks. We are pleased that our solution was selected to serve as the foundation to improve the economy and lives of citizens and businesses in Obregon."

About Reto Industrial

Founded in 1989, Reto Industrial is a Network and Telecommunications Integrator, based in Mexico City, with an office in Cd. Obregon, Sonora. Reto specializes in the design, implementation and support of network infrastructure projects, representing the leading companies in structured cabling, voice, data and wireless.

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