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Industrial companies - whether utilities, oil and gas companies or mines - must reliably deliver goods and services to their customers.

Communications networks used by these entities therefore must also offer high reliability, including multiple redundant communications pathways to ensure no single point of failure. The TropOS mesh architecture is self-organizing and automatically reroutes around failed nodes, providing built-in resilience. In addition, the ability to simultaneously leverage multiple frequency bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and to failover between, them further ensures that localized interference on any one frequency band does not interfere with reliable operation.

Battery backup protection options allow TropOS mesh routers to continue to operate for up to 12 hours or longer in the absence of line power. Dynamic channel selection, adaptive noise immunity and other advanced RF resource management techniques provide additional resiliency. For potentially hazardous environments, TropOS offers specialized products certified for use in Class I, Division 2 (US) and Class I, Zone 2 (US and Canada) hazardous locations.

To learn more about the reliability of TropOS solutions, download the “Building Resilient Wireless IP Broadband Networks with TropOS Mesh Routers” white paper.

TropOS mesh routers are based on the TropOS wireless broadband mesh architecture and are field-proven incorporating high reliability, scalability, high performance and strong security essential for applications across many industries.

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