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Communication for Mining

Effective communication is central to modern mining, not only for people working around the site, but also for the machines they use.

Mines offer the most extreme of environments, and require the most capable of communications equipment, to keep them operational.

Extremes of temperature, and a huge range of airborne particulate matter, combine with vibrational and electromagnetic interference to make a mine one of the most-challenging environments in which to keep any electrical equipment working. Fan-less, sealed, and hardened, devices can be designed to fit most environments, and by selecting the right equipment, and providing suitable redundancy, connectivity can be assured.

Ubiquitous connectivity requires a wide portfolio of technologies, from high-speed fiber optic multiplexers, such as ABB’s FOX family, to self-meshing radio networks, embodied in ABB’s Tropos product, and equally-important Ethernet switches, routers and gateways, all working together in the most inhospitable of environments.

With a network in place applications such as VoIP (Voice over IP) can keep staff in touch, while sensors can report the condition of industrial equipment into SCADA systems, and permit centralized control as well as autonomous reaction where response time is critical.

Wireless systems permit the use of geo-location to track vehicles and other equipment around the site, while providing blanket connectivity for equipment of all kinds including mobile devices.

The modern miner knows where everything is, and what it’s doing, to ensure the greatest productivity, and safety, regardless of the operating environment.

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