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Communication for Transportation

Transportation networks are entirely reliant on good communications; to know where vehicles comprising the network are, but also to monitor the equipment keeping the network rolling.

Such monitoring can generate huge quantities of data, which must be transported over a robust communications network. That network needs decisecond punctuality, when the situation demands it, and redundancy to maintain connectivity in the face of critical faults, all whilst ensuring high bandwidth and low latency in day-to-day operations.

Data from the network is aggregated into SCADA systems, for analysis and achieving, but operators also expect to manage their network from the SCADA control. For Transportation systems that can include a huge variety of devices critical to the network, all of which have to provide instant feedback on changes made to the network.

ABB’s support for electric vehicles is well known; charging systems built into bus stops, generators for diesel trains, and Azipod propellers which can cut a ship’s fuel consumption by ten per cent, but ABB also provides communication systems covering rail networks, shunting yards and cargo docks, or even entire cities, as required.

Achieving ubiquitous connectivity requires a wide portfolio of technologies, from high-speed fiber optic multiplexers, such as ABB’s FOX family, to self-meshing radio networks, embodied in ABB’s Tropos product, and equally-important Ethernet switches, routers and gateways which provide vital connections to legacy equipment.

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