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Trouble-free power for Finnish railways

ABB to maintain electrical control system for 2,400 km of track


Liikennevirasto (the Finnish Transport Agency) runs almost six thousand kilometers of tracks, crisscrossing Finland to provide some of the most beautiful passenger routes in the world. The rail lines are used by the government-owned passenger service; VR Group.

The Finnish rail network is already equipped with an ABB MicroSCADA Pro system and RTU560 units to monitor and control its power system. The Agency was looking for a contract to cover any faults that might occur, and the routine, preventive maintenance of the system to minimize the risk of failure.

ABB not only provided the monitoring and control equipment, but also knew the challenges facing it. In a country where the temperature can drop to -35°C , with three thousand kilometer of electrified track to look after, it’s good to have an experienced team on board.

ABB Solution

The contract awarded by Liikennevirasto will see ABB provide engineering staff on call at all the time, 24 hours a day and every day of the week. Critical faults will be fixed within four hours, while less-critical infrastructure will be attended to within 24 hours.

ABB maintains an extensive stock of spare parts, ready to be fitted whenever they are needed. And ABB engineers will apply their experience and local knowledge to prevent device failures with preemptive repairs – reducing downtime and expensive outages.

This proactive approach to service is highly valued by the customer, who understands that maintenance carried out before failure creates significant benefits in extending lifecycles and reducing costs.


Customer benefits

As with any service agreement, the real advantage for the customer is confidence and predictability – with ABB taking care of the equipment, Liikennevirasto turns an unpredictable expense into a known quantity. Finnish trains compete with domestic airlines for their passengers, and any interruption to service will damage the viability of their business.

Freight customers are a little more accommodating, but without a reliable power supply, that business too would be at risk.

ABB advantage

Liikennevirasto was looking for a cost-effective solution that would meet the challenge of ensuring reliable monitoring and control of its power system. ABB was able to provide that solution, including a Service Level Agreement (SLA) on the critical MicroSCADA Pro system.

As well as fixing faults, ABB will carry out regular audits of the equipment, guide engineers in predictive maintenance programs and advise Liikennevirasto on the best way to keep the network functioning at optimal efficiency.

The company already knew ABB and had confidence in its products and services. That confidence is a critical factor in awarding any maintenance contract and Liikennevirasto knew it could trust ABB. Outsourcing such a critical function can only work when the contracted company has the reputation, and ability, to deliver without question. ABB is proud to be such a company.

ABB Substation Automation Service

Draw on the expertise of a market leader. ABB offers a number of consultative services directly to electrical utilities, manufacturers and contractors, aimed at supporting you in running your power system projects, more efficiently and economically.

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