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5 Questions to ask yourself about your backup and recovery planning


Being prepared ensures you mitigate the risks

If the worst does happen, and cyber-attack or natural disaster strikes, then the security of an off-site back-up will make recovery that much easier. ABB’s backup and recovery care solutions can ensure the integrity, and availability, of critical data, no matter what has happened to the original.

What can really happen?

  • Partial or complete center shutdown, or below-standard operation
  • Unacceptable performance of data center equipment
  • Activation of electrical protective relays or emergency operation of backup electrical systems
  • De-energizing of electric circuits or equipment

5 questions to ask yourself

  • Do you have a proper backup and recovery process, including documentation?
  • Is your substation automation system and communication network protected against malware?
  • Is the firewall properly configured?
  • Are you reluctant to back up your data remotely or to have permanent internet connections with Vendors and 3rd party in general?
  • Is your current back up method done manually using Windows Backup functionality and full image backup stored on a local HW?

Think about how well prepared you are for the worst eventuality. If you're concerned about how well prepared you are or would like to discuss the topic further contact us today for a free backup and recovery care consultation.

Rita Nicolazzo

I am Global Product Manager for Grid Automation Service at ABB. I've spent 20 years working across various service focused organizations. Today at ABB, we provide tailored service level agreements; designed by us, built for you, dedicated to your requirements.

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