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Three steps to improving your cyber security vigilance

Every substation automation system is potentially out of date and constantly needs maintaining and updating. By not updating your system you leave yourselves exposed to attack, the threat exponentially increases the longer the system is not maintained and updated. ABB substation automation service offers a three step approach to cyber security to help defend your systems:


To begin the process ABB carries out a cyber security assessment to help you understand how to improve security throughout your system. Initially, we scan your system to understand your current security status and then create an assessment summary as an indicator of where the potential risks in your system exist. With the major focus on prevention and detection of infringements, our experts meet with you to understand your processes and procedures, group security policies and computer settings to best advice recommended actions. A detailed cyber security assessment report is then produced and provided to you along with a set of recommended actions for improved cyber security.


ABB provides recommended actions for you to implement based on the cyber security assessment and our experts domain expertise. Upon agreement ABB implements the recommendations to your system, ensuring your system is more secure.


By appointing ABB as your cyber security partner; you enter a service agreement which ensures you benefits not only from ABB’s huge domain expertise across the globe but also your system will be regularly assessed by the cyber security care team for any potential cyber security infringements. This ensures a long-term approach is taken to ensure sustained cyber security vigilance.

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