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Cyber Security Care

We are enabling smarter system protection

We are enabling smarter system protection

Connected automation systems are making utilities and industry more efficient, more productive, and more economic, but they are also introducing new challenges to those organizations.

ABB fully understands the importance of cyber security and its role in advancing the security of substation automation systems and communication networks. By investing in ABB technologies and care agreements, you can be sure that the reliability and security of your systems have been given the highest priority. ABB’s three step approach to cyber security protection helps you to mitigate the risk and potential impact of a cyber-attack.

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Six layers of protection

Cyber Security - ABBs three stepped approach to smarter system protection


Our experts are driving the innovation. We are ABB.

"Cyber security isn’t a single problem, with one solution. It’s an on-going battle, and ABB provides a range of products and services that can help protect your network, and the equipment connected to it from the evolving threats emanating from the world. "

- Frank Hohlbaum, Cyber Security Product Manager, Substation Automation


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