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ABB's three stepped approach to smarter system protection

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ABB's latest cyber security webinar with Frank Hohlbaum, Joe Doetzl and Øivind Askvik as they introduce ABB's three phased approach to cyber security care.

Every grid automation system has potential cyber security vulnerabilities and constantly needs maintaining and updating. By not addressing these potential vulnerabilities in your system you leave yourselves exposed to attack, the threat exponentially increases the longer the system is not maintained and updated.

Sign up for our upcoming webinar, where Frank Hohlbaum, Cyber Security Product Manager, ABB Grid Automation Systems, Joe Doetzl, Head of Cyber Security, ABB Enterprise Software and Øivind Askvik, Head of Service, ABB Grid Automation Service take you through ABB Grid Automation’s approach to cyber security care.

In this webinar:

  • The Introduction: The impact of cyber security on energy providers and the standards that exist 
  • The Definition: ABB's defense in depth approach to cyber security in substation automation 
  • The Benefits: What does ABB's three phase approach bring for customers wanting a robust cyber security strategy? 
  • The Components: The ABB cyber security care offering 

Meet your hosts

Oivind Askvik - Grid Automation Service
I am Global Head of Service for Power Systems Automation and Communication at ABB. I’ve spent nearly 14 years at ABB working across our service business. I’m passionate about caring for our customers’ needs and ensuring their investments are better protected today, tomorrow and into the future.

Frank Hohlbaum - Cyber Security Product Manager, Grid Automation
Today I am a Product Manager for Cyber security within ABB Substation Automation, but I’ve spent 20 years at ABB working across R&D and Product Management within Substation Automation. I’m passionate about developing cyber security awareness and simple-to-understand processes and programs that ensure our customers have a smarter system protection.

Joe Doetzl, Head of Cyber Security, ABB Enterprise Software
Today I have global responsibility for the Cyber Security of ABB Enterprise Software products and services. During more than 20 years of IT/OT and Cyber Security experience, I have created and led cyber security and compliance programs for multiple electric utilities. Included in this is the auditing of multiple North American utilities for compliance to the NERC CIP standards. Throughout my career, I have also been active in multiple regional and national forums dedicated to critical infrastructure protection

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