The everyday heroes keeping our power on

The everyday heroes keeping our power on

The world we live in is rapidly changing, sometimes almost a little too quickly. And with that change comes the demand for new technologies, new systems and innovations that are needed to modernize industries that provide the critical services we rely on every single day. Whether it’s water, power or access to data.

At ABB, the Electrification Service division exists to do just that. A division established in 2022, it comprises more than 3,000 service experts around the world. These experts work alongside ABB customers to bring them new levels of operational performance through innovative services and technology, and help them meet the challenges we all face, such as climate change, energy insecurity, and the global collective effort to reach net zero. They are known as ABB’s everyday heroes.

Service around the world

The Service team is located across 50 countries and three regions, working to provide safe, smart and sustainable solutions to customers.

“I love the work we do for our customers,” said Derya Turkaoglu, National Operations Manager for ABB Electrification Service in Australia. “My team is the gatekeeper of electrification service, and the people who deliver deep insights to support our customers keep the power on 24/7.”

Under Derya’s leadership, the team operates across a large range of industries, including manufacturing, commercial buildings, oil & gas, food and beverage (and more), servicing customers’ assets from installation & commissioning and maintenance to modernizing through retrofits and upgrades to end-of-life safe recycling or disposal.

"My job is to make sure that my team is set up for success, so that we can meet the needs of our customers."

On an average day, Derya will send her team of engineers and field workers off to power grids, landmark buildings, offshore rigs and factories, where they provide routine maintenance, facility upgrades, retrofits and technical support, to reduce total cost of ownership, maximize return of investment, and deliver reliable solutions that get the most out of existing assets and extend their lifespan for another 20-30 years.

“The average person never sees the expertise that goes into modernizing existing equipment within these industries to ensure they are optimized, safe and energy efficient,” says Derya. “These are everyday, smart people who work tirelessly to help build a safe, smart and more sustainable future for us all.

I’m so proud of the level of professionalism and knowledge they bring to our customers day in and day out.”

Connected tech & AR in service

In Europe, ABB Electrification Service division’s Global Product Manager – Service 4.0, Anna Mazzoleni, and her team, bring the latest technological innovations to ABB customers.

Based in Dalmine, Italy, a typical day for Anna at ABB is incredibly diverse and rewarding.

“I spend most of my time understanding customer issues, and finding the best possible solutions with technology.”

“Augmented Reality (AR) is at the heart of the global solutions that we offer and with this, we are able to really anticipate what our customers need, wherever they are in the world,” said Anna. 

Currently, the global AR market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 43.8% between 2021-2028, highlighting the demand for new innovations and interactive customer experiences.

“One of our AR products includes RAISE, which enables ABB experts to guide field operators, placing AR instructions into their field of view, sharing images, videos and documents on their smartphone or tablet,” said Anna.

“This is a really exciting time to be in energy management, and I love working with my team to find these creative solutions for our customers,” added Anna. “This doesn’t feel like a job to me, and no day is the same.”

Marketing as a service

In the United States, Liliana Torres leads the Global Marketing team for Electrification Service. A passionate marketer, Liliana and her team connect with customers to ensure they have a front seat and say in everything they do and are involved at every stage of the journey.

“We make sure that the division’s initiatives improve the customer experience, are fulfilling the customer needs and are beneficial for our customers."

As a global leader, Liliana leads people from all over the world, as far-reaching as New Zealand to Thailand and Rome, spending many weeks of the year traveling to visit her team and customers in different regions.

“My job is to make sure my team is working at their best, that they feel connected with each other and our customers, and that they have the right tools and support to do their job. If my team is working at their best, our customers receive the best possible service,” adds Liliana.

ABB has customers all over the world and across the many different industries that use ABB equipment. We re-engage with these customers to modernize their equipment to make it digital and smarter, safer and more sustainable. The Electrification Service division is new, but we are this incredible team of people that is so willing and open to collaborating and learning new things.”

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