On the road to sustainable public transport in France

On the road to sustainable public transport in France

As the excitement builds at the Monaco race circuit, there’s more to witness than just high-speed cars.

Visitors this race weekend will not only see ABB’s presence on the track but also catch a glimpse of how we’re revolutionizing local public transportation. Specifically, we’re electrifying the bus system, paving the way for a cleaner and more efficient future.

Quick charging leading to more efficiency and passenger capacity

In the Côte d’Azur region, electric buses have become an increasingly common sight, thanks to an initiative by the local authorities to make public transport greener, with a zero-emission bus fleet.


Powering + 100 journeys a day

and 2 million passengers a year


150 Terra DC monoblock

chargers installed

(Côte d'Azur)

Removing 2,200 tons of
CO2 emissions from the
road each year

An electric bus connects to an ABB pantograph in Riquier, Nice
An electric bus connects to an ABB pantograph in Riquier, Nice

ABB has played a crucial role in their introduction by supplying approximately 150 Terra DC monoblock chargers for overnight charging. The installation of 15 pantographs at bus terminals enables rapid charging in just 5 to 6 minutes. This innovative solution not only reduces the need for larger battery packs onboard but also significantly increases the passenger capacity of each bus. (Learn more about ABB’s innovative pantograph charging solutions in this Did You Know? Explainer.)

Collaboration with Transdev: Transforming Bus Lines

In collaboration with Transdev since April 2023, ABB has equipped the busy bus line connecting Nice, Monaco, and Menton with 3 pantographs. More than 100 bus journeys are made on this vital route each day, serving an average of 2 million passengers every year. By electrifying this critical corridor, ABB and Transdev are not only reducing emissions, but also enhancing the overall travel experience for commuters and tourists alike.

Transdev’s choice of zero-emission technology is perfectly suited to the operating context of the Nice to Menton line. It ensures a comfortable ride, reduces air pollution at the terminuses and noise pollution, and is also in line with our strategy of constantly improving the quality of service provided to users. Transdev is constantly looking for ways to innovate, and we hope to continue to be the region’s trusted partner in its ecological transition.
Germain Sauvetre, Director of Transdev Alpes-Maritimes

Hydrogen-powered buses in Auxerre

Further north, in Auxerre, approximately 170km southeast of Paris, ABB has partnered with Hynamics to tackle hydrogen production costs.

A hydrogen-fuelled bus in Auxerre, northern France
A hydrogen-fuelled bus in Auxerre, northern France

Our cutting-edge energy management solution, ABB Ability™ OPTIMAX® for Green Hydrogen EMS, ensures sustainable hydrogen production, which has been harnessed to power zero-emission buses in Auxerre.

More than 70 percent of the cost of producing green hydrogen comes from the electricity used to split the water molecules during the electrolysis process. OPTIMAX provides data which can help determine optimal energy consumption levels required to produce the hydrogen and minimize wasted energy.

At Hynamics’ production and distribution site in Auxerre, a 1 MW hydrogen station has been built to supply the urban community. This station supplies fuel to five buses on Transdev’s Leo network, as well as light commercial vehicles and trucks. These hydrogen-fuelled vehicles save 2,200 tons of Co2 emissions each year.

With complementary areas of expertise, the cooperation between ABB and Hynamics will enable us to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen projects on an industrial scale. The integration of ABB's world-class power management system is a necessary step to improve the performance of the water electrolysis process and thus optimize the cost of hydrogen production.
Christelle Rouillé, CEO of Hynamics


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