Digital Substation Training at Västerås

On 19th and 20th November, our technical marketing team held a digital substation training for a few of our valued customers and partners.

Svempa teaching Digital Substation
Svempa teaching Digital Substation

We had participants from eight companies across five countries:

  • Korea: Saerom and Wonlee Solutions
  • Ukraine: Eknis LT, Aniger and KECC
  • Belarus: Energopromis
  • France: Bouygues ES T&D
  • Portugal: EFACEC  

The participants interacted with ABB’s IED experts, Lars Frisk and Erik Lindblom, about the latest technology in the power protection and control domain. In addition, hands-on device engineering exercises were organized by Salman Uddin and Marko Kovacic. Here the participants had the chance to configure and test process bus systems with our Relion® IEDs and SAM600 merging units.

The Grid Automation Products demo system used in the training
The Grid Automation Products demo system used in the training

The feedback from our customers was that they were very happy about having the opportunity to participate and learn about Digital Substation engineering.  

Are you interested in learning about Digital Substation engineering?

ABB Grid Automation Products is now introducing the course “Introduction to Digital Substation with SAM600 and 670 Series”. The first scheduled course will take place at the Training Center in Västerås, Sweden, April 24-26, 2019.  


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