Powering second largest port in Indonesia

Powering second largest port in Indonesia

Power quality is the key success factor for ABB in providing electrification products and solutions for largest port in eastern Indonesia.

As trade grows and the traffic of shipping containers increases, Makassar New Port (MNP) offers the answer to overcoming these challenges, especially in eastern Indonesia. It is also one of the national strategic projects to increase Indonesia’s economic growth through infrastructure development initiated by the government.

MNP, which began construction in 2015 and is expected to be completed in 2022, will feature a Bonded Zone Logistics Center and a 150-kilometer railway network from Makassar to the town of Parepare in order to help ease the distribution of goods.

Electricity is one of the most crucial elements for any port. Any electrical disruption may cause longer dwell time, from the moment the container is unloaded until it leaves the gates of the container terminal. It might also cause delay to a containers’ shipping schedule, all of which will lead to higher costs.

State-owned port operator Pelabuhan Indonesia IV, known as Pelindo IV, selected ABB for the provision of electrical solutions to support the 1,428 hectare port, which can accommodate 1,000 containers, not only because of its expertise in delivering a reliable, safe, and efficient power supply but also for its reputation in assuring power quality.

Bahrul Nur, Vice President Equipment & Engineering at PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV said: “Makassar New Port is the largest and most modern port in the eastern part of Indonesia. Thus, we needed support from a reliable partner able to offer advanced technology and complete solutions for the heaviest and largest activities in the seaport.”

The 1st phase was completed in October 2018. MNP will be officially launched and operated by early 2019, with work continuing for a further three years.

“Handling power supply systems is nothing new to us, but this project is particularly special as it is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to work on a port in Indonesia. We have a comprehensive product portfolio with market leading solutions that cover both commercial and technical requirements, which other tender participants of MNP projects were not able to provide,” said Giampiero Frisio, Managing Director of ABB’s Smart Power business.

ABB’s PCS100 is a reactive power conditioner designed to solve power quality problems and stabilize networks by addressing voltage imbalance and inrush generated sags and harmonics, reducing penalty charges on an electricity bill. The PCS100 RPC can provide a very cost-effective solution and help to mitigate some common supply voltage problems caused by fast changing loads.

ABB also installed its PCS100 SFC (Static Frequency Converter), which is highly configurable for different size options from 125 kVA up to 2 MVA. Even larger systems are possible as multiple units can be paralleled if required. Its modular design allows the end user to build up capacity as required, ensuring capital is not tied up in under-utilized resource. The PCS100 RPC and PCS100 SFC are the ideal power quality solution for any port.

Frisio continued: “The PCS100 RPC and PCS100 SFC were key factors in ABB’s selection to manage the power supply on MNP. We are proud to be a part of this strategic national project executed by Pelindo IV and initiated by the government to increase Indonesia’s economic growth and we look forward to supporting Indonesia’s future infrastructure development projects.”

Being located along the seashore, anti-corrosive materials were needed for MNP, just one unique element of this project. ABB’s scope of supply also includes low- to medium-voltage switchgear panels, the application of System Pro E Power as well as UniSec, furse earthing and lightning protection system and miniature circuit breakers from the local ABB factory. All of these solutions help to support this project, which demands protection, accuracy and precision technology to ensure the port operates well, without any fatal disruption.

Yusuf Yunus, EVP of Corporate Planning & Strategy at PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) IV concludes: “ABB has proven itself as a key, high quality partner. On behalf of Pelindo IV, we are looking forward to working closely with ABB in other strategic national projects in Indonesia’s port industry.”


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