Oil, gas and chemicals gain ‘edge’ with ABB Ability™

Digitalization can greatly improve the performance of organizations in the oil, gas and chemicals (OGC) industry. But, with so many different systems and protocols in the market today, turning digital potential into digital reality can be hampered by a variety of legacy systems and communication protocols.

Many are so old there are few engineers who still understand them. Plus, using multiple software types to extract data can be slow and inefficient. How can predictive maintenance be effective for companies, if they don’t have the right information at the optimum quality?

The ABB AbilityTM Insight platform helped the Swiss engineering company win Petroleum Economist’s award for Service Company of the Year 2018. ABB AbilityTM EdgeInsight running on HPE Edgeline Converged Edge System collects data from field devices, gateways and PLCs in  operational technology (OT) systems. It then converts the various field protocols into one common communication protocol and serves the standardized output to the information technology (IT) infrastructure, while simultaneously guaranteeing no access to the field network.

Being able to protect the OT/control systems from IT networks’ influence is a table-stakes requirement for access to the oil and gas sector. “This is a best-in-class example of OT-IT convergence and demonstrates how our successful collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise allows our customers to turn industrial data into insights and action,” says Andre Schaerer, ABB’s Global Digital Alliance Manager for HPE.

ABB AbilityTM Insight Dashboards & Analytics helps turn this valuable information into actionable insights by offering highly customizable visuals, accessible from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Combined with ABB’s design and domain experts, all focus is on satisfying both the end user and operational demands for more uptime, reduced carbon footprint, increased efficiency and optimized maintenance.

Case study

In late 2017, a customer cross-collaboration project implemented digital solutions to look for further improvements in gas compressor optimization and to increase the efficiency of process train monitoring. Migrating to the ABB AbilityTM Insight platform together with HPE hardware has provided a dramatic reduction in turnaround time. This includes time consumed, the number of people, peripheral to the actual problem involved, and the lead-time from assignment to conclusion. Producing decision support faster and with less effort is obviously a win in and of itself.

The project, where ABB domain experts, designers, engineers and developers worked together with customer experts, achieved a 10 percent increased drive power rating and forecasted annual savings of 9,460 MWh of energy and 160 tons of carbon dioxide.

Before implementation of this solution, analysis took days. Now it's down to minutes and seconds, strengthening opportunities for improvement going forward.

Big data brings real value

To tackle fluctuating oil prices, O&G companies are increasingly turning to big data to mitigate risks, identify pain points and reduce expenses. As more and more OGC companies invest in big data, they also need to procure skilled personnel with the necessary expertise to realize its true business value. “For us, it's all about collaborating with our customers to understand their challenges and their expertise, while simultaneously having an open technology platform that enables us to start small, deploy fast and continuously improve, providing customer value as quickly as possible,” says Roger Hansen, ABB R&D Senior Engineer Digital Design.

The data revolution of the 21st century is much like the gold rush of the 1800s, everybody wants a piece of the action. With near-real-time analytics, this wealth of information can provide endless possibilities for OGC companies to foster better decision-making, cost-effective and efficient production, cost and risk reduction, enhanced safety, and more regulatory compliance.

For more information, visit:https://new.abb.com/oil-and-gas/digital/edgeinsight


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