Ice cream availability guaranteed thanks to ABB technologies

Ice cream availability guaranteed thanks to ABB technologies

ABB optimizes performance and energy consumption for largest temperature controlled logistic center in Italy

Ice cream consumption rises dramatically during the summer months and the preservation of cooler production conditions represents a challenge for logistic companies. These companies are constantly searching for innovative solutions that ensure high quality while maximizing energy efficiency.

Pacaro Logistica is a leading company in temperature-controlled logistics and is the largest logistics center for ‘cold’ storage in central-southern Italy, specializing in ice cream preservation.

In 2017 Pacaro Logistica needed to renovate its highly automated warehouse in East Rome (Borgorose) where 20,000 square meters of cold storage are installed, with a 35,000-pallet capacity for products.

The customer was looking for a solution that could meet requirements to monitor and control the electrical system in order to guarantee continuous operation (fundamental in the preservation of ice creams) and provide emergency power with energy efficiency.

ABB proposed an ‘intelligent’ distribution board equipped with Emax 2 air circuit breakers integrated with AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS) platform. The solution is able to provide advanced protection functions, programmable logic and complete connectivity and integration with supervision systems.

Emax 2 can remotely connect the electrical system simply, safely and digitally to the innovative cloud-computing platform ABB AbilityTM EDCS.

“We chose ABB’s solution because we had experienced a high level of reliability using ABB solutions on previous projects,”- emphasizes Roberto Pacaro, CEO of Pacaro Logistica. “The intelligent distribution board proposed by ABB offers the advantages of electrical grid supervision and monitoring and predictive maintenance.”

Information within the warehouse is also managed through ABB’s WMS (Warehouse Management System), software that allows effective planning and management of the considerable flow of shipments digitally, providing real-time warehouse monitoring. The Pacaro Logistica warehouse in Rome is state-of-the-art and in line with the modern concepts of industry 4.0.

To ensure a high-quality electrical energy supply, the customer has installed a Hi T Plus resin MV transformer. Thanks to its extremely high efficiency, Hi T Plus guarantees greater flexibility in managing loads, which can be highly variable in this application. The class H insulation system, unlike the class F insulation of traditional transformers, allows a reduction in the overall dimensions of the equipment with consequent cost savings.

Pacaro also installed a photovoltaic plant with four photovoltaic TRIO solar string inverters to supply the refrigeration systems in parallel with the normal power network, providing energy savings and greater sustainability.

Together with high performance, TRIO solar string inverters offer ease of use and integrated installation, monitoring and control. Thanks to a conversion efficiency of 98 percent and a wide range of input voltages, TRIO inverters offer maximum flexibility in the installation for optimal energy production.


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