Release of TruckMaster

We are pleased to announce the official release of TruckMaster: the ABB remote racking solution that allows the implementation of the remote control of racking in and out.

TruckMaster solutions increase personnel safety maintaining a safe distance between personnel and equipment during operations providing the most effective means of avoiding injury by keeping people out of harm's way.

Product highlights

  • TruckMaster design integrates a portable external driver controlled by the operator through a remote console.
  • A single portable driver and the relevant console are required in the switch-room to implement the remote racking operations after the proper arrangement of each panel of the line-up.
  • This solution allows operating personnel to carry out the racking procedures from a safety distance with panel door closed.


Product characteristics

  • TruckMaster is available in different variants according to apparatus type (cassette or floor-rolling), racking system (screw or ratchet) and applicable Standard (IEC or ANSI).
  • This release refers to TruckMaster FR applicable to floor-rolling retrofitting circuit breakers with ratchet racking system complying with IEC Standards.
  • The portable driver requires specific customization due to the different switchgear design and apparatus versions (breakers and contactors).

Contact people

  • Carlo Gemme, Global Retrofit Program Manager
  • Marco Egman, PPMV Global Service Product Manager
  • Thomas Zurflueh, PPMV Global Service Product Marketing Manager


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