2020 ABB Cup Innovation Contest kicks off

The ABB Cup Innovation Contest, co-hosted by ABB and the Chinese Association of Automation (CAA), was unveiled on July 1. With a vision that intelligent technologies create and lead the future, this year's contest covers two sessions: programming of collaborative robots and Optimization design of Flexible production line by B&R track system. The contest invites contestants from China including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to make bold innovations and designs around the two typical topics in the intelligent manufacturing field, in an effort to motivate the young talents’ innovative passion and support the cultivation of technological professionals.

"Amid the new round of technology revolution and industrial reformation, China is speeding up the construction of new infrastructure and promoting the development of new productive forces. Deeply integrated with industrial scenarios, digital technology has become an accelerator to promote the transformation of traditional industries and a new engine for future economic growth. Highly aligned with the new infrastructure strategy, ABB is putting more efforts in relevant fields such as digitalization, industrial Internet, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, and smart energy infrastructures.” said Dr. Chunyuan Gu, Chairman of ABB China, "As the two themes of this contest, the programming of collaborative robots and the design of flexible production lines well echo this trend. Through this competition, we hope to help young talents improve their innovation awareness as well as the ability to solve practical problems, supporting China to build an innovative country in the future."

As China enters the phase of regular prevention and control in combating COVID-19, the contest is aimed to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their creativity and put their skills to the test, with sound organization, solid industry experience and rich expert resources. Apart from prizes, winners will also get ABB’s internship opportunities. The contest will last from July to November, during which ABB will hold online Q&A sessions, provide training materials, and invite experts to make in-depth comments.

CAA, the co-organizer of this contest, is one of the earliest national first-class academic organizations in China. It has been committed to promoting the science and technology development of automation industry in China. Dr. Nan Zhang, Secretary of CAA, said: "Starting in 2005, ABB already has a 15-year partnership with CAA. Following the development trend of technologies, the contest was upgraded to the innovation contest at the end of 2017, with a focus on the innovation and application of intelligent technology. As the co-organizers of the contest this year, we will work together to support the cultivation of innovative talents in the field of automation, deepen the cooperation between the industry, university and research, and contribute new impetus to the development of intelligent industry. "

ABB Collaborative Robot Programming Contest

Human-robot collaboration and integration represent the development trends of intelligent manufacturing. Unlike traditional industrial robots, collaborative robots can better work together with human partners and efficiently complete tasks as instructed. ABB's first collaborative dual-arm robot YuMi®, launched in 2015, has showcased its incredible capabilities in industrial applications; the single-arm YuMi®, unveiled in 2017 is ABB's most agile and compact seven-axis collaborative robot, which has further expanded the applications of collaborative robots. The Wizard, an easy programming software newly developed by ABB, offers an intuitive, graphic, drag-and-drop interface, making the use of single-arm YuMi® easier and more convenient.

Contestants for the ABB Collaborative Robot Programming Contest should complete a whole robotic application solution, including two parts: leveraging ABB's simulation and offline programming software RobotStudio® to design an automation application for single-arm YuMi® robot; and then programming the robots in designed application with Wizard. The contest will help explore the innovative application and practical value of single-arm YuMi® robot in production and life, by designing solutions to build 1:1 virtual reality scenarios.

ABB B&R Flexible Production Lines Optimization Design Contest

As personalization has increasingly conquered the consumer market, manufacturers and factories have to meet “diverse goods in smaller batches” demands, even “1-piece batch” needs, by deploying intelligent production lines. How to quickly construct such production lines has become the key to success in this competition. The ACOPOStrak, B&R's track-based transport systems let you move products through your production line more efficiently while simultaneously improving quality. This new technology from B&R features independent shuttles moved by permanent magnets along a long-stator linear motor track. Product movements can be configured individually, including variable speed and acceleration as well as batch grouping and ungrouping. The dramatic increase in processing speed makes your line more productive.

The B&R contest on optimization design of Flexible production line and 2020 B&R Scholastic Union Competition will be based on ACOPOStrak flexible transport technology and leverage the digital simulations to enable players to exercise their abilities to plan and design production lines used in intelligent manufacturing. This year's contest will cover full-time universities and colleges and members of the B&R Scholastic Union. Founded in 2006, B&R Scholastic Union is dedicated to inspiring college students’ innovative thinking and abilities to apply theories to practice and motivating them to analyze and solve problems relating to real needs in the industrial automation control processes.

ABB Cup Innovation Contest aims to provide a wide platform for experts, scholars and students in the automation industry to exchange ideas and share experience. It combines the previous two annual contests – the ABB Cup National Automation System Engineer Thesis Contest which was co-organized by CAA and ABB in 2005 and the ABB University Innovation Contest, which was initiated by ABB in 2012. The contest has attracted more than 20,000 contestants by now. It is also one of the key projects for Sino-Swiss innovative cooperation, with long-term support from the Embassy of Switzerland in China, in a joint effort to boost the technological exchanges and talent cultivation between the two countries.

Please visit the official website of 2020 ABB Cup Innovation Contest for more details on the topics, schedule, registration, awards and evaluation criteria of the contest.

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