ABB’s ACS580MV general purpose drive makes it easy to save energy

The ACS580MV medium voltage drive is a cost-effective solution to save energy and cut emissions. All commonly needed functions are built-in as standard, making the drive easy to order, commission and use.

Global warming and rising energy prices are focusing attention on the need to increase efficiency and cut carbon dioxide emissions. Variable speed drives (VSDs) can produce major energy savings in many motor-driven applications.

The cabinet-built ACS580MV drive is ideal for retrofitting in applications where the motor is currently connected direct-on-line (DOL). It is used for operating pumps, fans, compressors, in variable torque and basic constant torque processes. Typical applications include booster and irrigation pumps, cooling and ventilation fans, and chiller compressors.

“This drive is a popular choice in the water and wastewater, and HVAC sectors,” says Samuel Reist, Global Product Line Manager at ABB. “It’s also widely used for running auxiliary applications in industries like metals, cement, mining, pulp and paper, and power generation. It can boost energy efficiency in many applications.”

“We designed it so it’s very easy to select and order. All the features that are usually required are built-in, including software to operate pumps and fans, and safety functions like emergency stop and door interlocking. We’ve also made it straightforward to commission and use, with intuitive control panel assistants and a clear display offering navigation in several languages.”

Significant energy savings

Drives save energy by regulating the motor speed to match the needs of the process. In a conventional pump or fan system with the motor connected direct-on-line, the motor is run at full speed all the time. A mechanical throttle is often used to regulate the flow of liquid or air to the required level. This wastes a lot of energy because the motor is run at full speed even when the process needs a low flow rate.

Installing a drive enables the motor speed to be adjusted so the pump or fan delivers exactly the level of flow demanded by the process. Now the system uses just as much energy as necessary, and no more. Considerable energy savings are possible: based on the affinity laws, when the motor’s speed is reduced by 20 percent, it will consume 49 percent less energy. When the speed is reduced by 50 percent, the motor’s energy consumption will drop by more than 85 percent.

To help process operators follow their energy use, the ACS580MV has energy efficiency features to monitor the motor’s energy consumption, and the drive also shows how much energy is being saved compared to direct-on-line operation. Counters show hourly, daily and cumulative energy consumption in kWh (kilowatt-hours).

  • ACS580MV
  • ACS580MV
  • ACS580MV 4.16kV 870kW drive with open door
  • ACS580MV 4.16R8 drive with open door

High reliability and advanced diagnostics

Drives are often installed in tough environments. ABB ensures the ACS580MV will withstand harsh conditions with its robust design, coated circuit boards, and the option to select a protection class up to IP42 for the enclosure. The power loss ride through and automatic restart functions ensure trouble-free operation in weaker network conditions, and an advanced diagnostics and warning system helps to minimize downtime. The drive includes timers and counters that can be set to provide an alert when maintenance is due, and on-board data logs supply information needed to track and resolve issues.

The ACS580MV’s multicell design is based on new-generation cascade H-bridge technology. As a result the drive keeps the network clean, with extremely low harmonic levels that are in compliance with major recommendations like IEEE 519 or IEC 61000-2-4. Another advantage of multicell topology is that the output voltage and current are very motor-friendly. These benefits make the ACS580MV an excellent choice for retrofitting into DOL applications, and the drive can generally be used with older motors without the need for additional filters.

Other features promoting ease of use include plug-in Fieldbus and Ethernet adapters for communication with all major automation networks, and the NETA remote monitoring tool. This tool includes a web server and data logger, and enables secure worldwide access to the drive. The ACS580MV is compatible with ABB AbilityTM Condition Monitoring solutions, which support smarter processes by collecting and analyzing data. Operators receive warnings of potential failures long before they occur, and can perform preventive maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime.

“This drive is a well-established product, but we continue to develop it in line with our customers’ needs,” Reist explains. “For example, the voltage range was originally 6 to 11 kV and we’ve extended it to serve customers running 3.3 and 4.16 kV motors as well.”

The ACS580MV is a member of our all-compatible medium and low voltage drives portfolio. These drives share a lot of common features, including the overall architecture, software platform, communication options and user interface. That’s a big advantage because personnel who know how to use one of the all-compatible drives automatically know how to operate the others.

Technical data

Voltage and power range

Input 3.3 to 13.8 kV ±10% (–25% with reduced power)

Output 3.3 to 11 kV

200 to 6300 kW (depending on voltage)

Supply frequency

50/60 Hz ±5%

Motor frequency

0 to 120 Hz output, up to 80 Hz nominal motor frequency


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