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ABB Ability™

Insight is the power to see and understand causalities and possibilities in a new way. It extracts clarity from complexity and opens paths to action. ABB Ability™ transforms data into knowledge and delivers profitability, sustainability and safety to myriad industrial applications.

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James Macaulay ABB Corporate Communications Vancouver, Canada,

With recent events upending untold business processes and organizational routines, and with continued disruptions to global supply chains, making wiser use of resources has become essential to industry’s efforts at fostering operational resilience. At the same time, commercial and industrial organizations are coming under renewed pressure from a cross-section of stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners and regulators, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the sustainability of operations.

Making wiser use of resources and lowering carbon emissions requires making better decisions throughout industry, not just in a piecemeal fashion, but at scale. With industry being both the biggest consumer of resources and the largest source of emissions, to create material impacts on sustainability, every member of the industrial workforce needs to be engaged to find solutions and work smarter – in effect, making billions of better decisions.

Recent research from ABB refers to better decisions at scale as “industrial transformation’s new imperative.” While it’s often said that information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) are converging, what we are witnessing today is another important convergence within industry, that of digitalization and sustainability. Fully 94 percent of some 800 global industrial decision-makers in ABB’s survey agreed that these strategic priorities are “intrinsically linked.”

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sits at this nexus →01. It represents a panoply of networks of connected physical assets, sensors, analytics, edge and cloud computing and other supporting technologies that can enable better decisions on how resources and energy are used throughout the enterprise.

01 The Industrial IoT lies at the nexus of sustainability and digital outcomes.
01 The Industrial IoT lies at the nexus of sustainability and digital outcomes.

That’s where ABB Ability – the focus of this quarter’s edition of ABB Review – comes in. ABB Ability is the company’s holistic portfolio of digital solutions, which all have one thing in common: they empower commercial and industrial organizations to generate insights that allow them to make better decisions about their operations.

In these pages, we examine how ABB Ability solutions can help customers be more energy efficient, extend asset lifecycles, lower maintenance costs, increase productivity, boost safety and drive greater agility, supporting a host of key use cases falling under the umbrella of the industrial IoT. This quarter, we investigate an array of exciting applications in marine operations, energy management for commercial buildings, intelligent water management, the digitalization of mining and lots more.

The logic that underlies all ABB Ability solutions is that when we know more, we can do better. Companies need the right information, properly secured and contextualized, coupled with the right analytics, to arrive at and execute upon decisions that optimize operations. This depends on having the requisite domain expertise – on business processes, workflows, and the on-the-ground reality of operating a cement plant, a wastewater facility, a fleet of tugboats or a data center – to make sense of the avalanche of data firms produce. Through the industrial IoT, ABB Ability solutions combine the power of connectivity and domain-specific software algorithms that can help unlock value from operational data and drive big improvements in decision-making.

As is regularly showcased in ABB Review, the industrial IoT is having a profound, positive effect on operations in sectors ranging from manufacturing to energy, transportation and cities. Industry 4.0-driven gains in productivity, customer-centricity and agility are now well-documented. ABB Ability solutions, deployed by thousands of organizations around the globe, have played an important role in shaping the fourth industrial revolution. Now, they are shaping Industry 4.0’s next incarnation, empowering better decisions that contribute to resource circularity, decarbonization and greater sustainability for all. 


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