Integrated ­infrastructures

Integrated ­infrastructures

The United Nations estimates that by 2050 almost 70 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas.

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Marija Zima-Brockarjova ABB Electrification Zurich, Switzerland,

ABB offers solutions for cities in five key areas: electric grids, water, transport, buildings, and district energy.

In view of this, city planners are scrambling to ensure that growing numbers of people in increasingly dense settings have affordable and equitable access to reliable and sustainable energy, clean water, sanitation, transport systems, and housing.

Particularly in terms of operations and maintenance, these massive infrastructures can benefit significantly from the digitization and optimized lifecycle performance offered to businesses and individuals by ABB Ability™ solutions. Specifically, these solutions are concentrated in five key areas: electric grids, water, transport, buildings, and district energy.

In terms of electric grids, ABB’s major areas of expertise are grid connections and power distribution, automation, solutions for integration of renewable energy sources, and energy storage. To meet customer demand in these areas, ABB provides electrical equipment, primary and secondary distribution substations, containerized substations, smart control cabinets, and protection and control devices.

In the water management area, ABB offers solutions that result in up to 25 percent improved water cycle efficiency. These include electrification, automation, and motors and drives for pumping stations, water and wastewater treatment stations, desalination facilities, and technologies designed to protect coastal areas and waterways.

Transporting large numbers of people efficiently, affordably, safely and sustainably is another key challenge for cities. In this connection, one of ABB’s major areas of expertise is EV charging, including roadside stations, commercial parking, and asset and fleet management. The company also offers a range of automation and electrification technologies that support electric buses and rail systems, as well as shore-to-ship technologies. These include ship and boat electrification, power solutions for ports, and crane control and motion technologies.

Technologies for buildings are a fourth major area of expertise for ABB, which offers efficient energy management and control systems for residential and commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and data centers. Here, the company offers solutions in areas such as power quality control, UPS and storage, building automation, atmosphere and lighting control systems, metering and submetering, HVAC controls, entry and security systems, as well as a range of smart home technologies.

With regard to data centers – an increasingly important part of urban administration because of their ability to support all other services – ABB offers expert knowledge in areas such as power distribution and protection; cooling systems; building, energy, and automation management; as well as its Secure Edge Data Center (SEDC) for industrial and telecommunications environments.

ABB also provides district heating and cooling as well as management of waste energy. Here, areas of specialization include gas distribution and control, process optimization, and collaborative operations centers. Collectively, these systems can result in up to 30 percent in energy savings. 


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