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Driven by society’s relentless demand for information, data centers now consume about one percent of the world’s energy. Nevertheless, in spite of the rapidly growing amount of data they process, data center energy demand has remained almost flat for years.

Aleksandar Grbic ABB Electrification-Smart Power Quartino, Switzerland, aleksandar.grbic@ch.abb.com

The ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager platform makes it possible to monitor and measure power usage effectiveness.

Over the past decade, ABB has pioneered the automation systems that have been making data centers increasingly energy efficient. Now, with the introduction of ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager, this trend has been taken to a new level.

ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager accomplishes this by consolidating all relevant data center information and exploiting the advanced measurement, monitoring and analysis capabilities offered by ABB devices, such as circuit breakers, transfer switches, temperature modules and UPSs. It also allows easy configuration of related software, hardware, and communications systems.

Moreover, the ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager platform allows the monitoring and accurate measurement of data center power usage effectiveness – the most critical energy metric for operators. Available as a local or cloud-based system, the platform assists data center professionals in making the best use of their valuable time. For instance, since all the relevant data on power consumption, performance metrics, and status is managed in real time by one system, the system supports optimized predictions and decisions regarding when maintenance should be performed.

Taken together, these capabilities add up to a platform for advanced energy optimization that can save up to 20 percent on energy bills, 30 percent on operational costs, 40 percent on maintenance, and 100 percent on unplanned labor.

With data center renovation now an important market factor, it is good to know that ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager can form the basis for a site upgrade. But whether installed in a new data center or as a retrofit, ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager represents the best way forward in ensuring data center sustainability.

Three varieties of Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager are available: Essential, Enhanced and Advanced; these allow operators to choose the level of sophistication their energy and asset management requires. 

Further information:
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