ABB at ONS 2022 Conferences

ABB at ONS Young: How do you make people trust you? The key to climb the career ladder.- Monday 29 August at 10:00

Elizabeth Heuch Olbjørn

VP Business Development

Elizabeth is educated Siviløkonom from Boston University. She started as a trainee in ABB in 1996 and has stayed in the company since then. Most recently, she’s been Account Manager for Equinor Norway and Department Manager Account Management. She’s now working in the Aker BP Fixed Facilities Alliance. The Alliance is presently developing the NOAKA oil field and the Valhall PWP/King Lear platforms. In these projects Elizabeth works with organizational and leadership development.

Elizabeth is founder and leader of Athene, the women’s network in ABB Norway.

Elizabeth on Trust:

Trust in yourself. Trust in the company you work for. Trust in your colleagues. How does trust influence the choices we make? How has trust influenced my career? Trust that my experience and competence, although different than my peers, can contribute to the progress of the company? I will tell you my story, how flexibility in a difficult life situation created loyalty for years to come, motivation and the willingness to go the extra mile. How trust from my employer gave me opportunities I never thought I could have. How trusting my colleagues created great teams, delivering customer value, again and again.

Linnea Espevik

Technical Consultant

Linnea has a Master of Science within electrical energy engineering from NTNU. She started as a trainee in ABB in 2020, and now has a permanent position as technical consultant in the studies department. She is currently working in the battery segment, both with battery cell manufactures and other companies and initiatives in the battery value chain. Linnea support customers with technical solutions, concept development and studies.

ABB at Technical Sessions : Offshore emission reductions in the transition - Tuesday 30 Aug. Time slot : 10:15-12:15

Camilla Lie

Technical Consultant

Camilla has a MSc degree in Renewable Energy from Norwegian University. Graduated in 2019 and currently working in ABB, Norway. Through ABB Trainee rotations she has worked in areas spanning from software development of dynamic simulators, to DevOps within AI in fish farming and business development. In her current position as Energy Industries Technical consultant, she is highly involved in power- and energy management, for all kinds of industry and solutions. This includes design and control concepts of integrated energy systems, for reliable and robust operations.

Topic: Low-emission upstream solutions

In this energy transition we are facing today, we also see a greater complexity in our power systems due to the integration of fluctuating renewable power. How to ensure reliability and stability in integrated energy systems are becoming more important than ever. The use of digital twin in order to simulate the entire system – including design, control and protection, operation, process and power, will allow for assessing the whole system as one holistic system. This will improve the understanding in order to make better investment decision to a safe and robust system.

ABB at Technical Sessions : Digital Green Transition - Thursday 1 Sept. Time slot : 10:00-12:00

Thomas Havsberg

Strategic Account Manager

Thomas Havsberg has worked with system integration and as project manager for more than 25 years. Thomas has held several different positions at system integrators before joining ABB as project manager in 2007.

Today Thomas work as Strategic Account Manager for petroleum related customers to ABB in addition to holding the position within the Smart Community business.

Topic: The Importance of Energy Optimizing - How to enable the right energy source and carrier based on emission, cost, and infrastructure.

Demand for reduced CO2 emissions, technological innovations, cost reductions, new business models and enabling policies are accelerating the electrification. Transformation of the power system into a decentralized grid and microgrids — with both energy and information potentially flowing both ways.

The challenge is how to turn the potentially disruptive effects of multi-source and distributed energy into an efficient and profitable way of operating a plant and the way we are doing business.

Continued electrification as of today will increase the need for investment in infrastructure. Energy optimalization can control the assets so we may utilize flexibility in the plant and grid and reduce the cost of the green shift.

Hanna Kjøniksen

Trainee at ABB

Hanna Kjøniksen has a BCs degree within energy engineering and a MCs degree in innovation and entrepreneurship. Graduated in 2020 and started as a trainee in ABB. She is currently working for a team in Germany with digital solutions before moving to her permanent position as a sales specialist within account development.

ABB at Net Zero Markets - Research and innovation - the next steps for Offshore Wind - Wednesday 31 Aug. Time slot : 12:30-14:00

Asmund Mæland

Group SVP and Segment Manager for the Subsea and Offshore power segment

Asmund have previously worked for SINTEF Energy Research and the Norwegian State Power Board (Statnet). He has held different roles within ABB: Research, Project Manager, Sales Management.  He has worked in global ABB roles as Centre of Excellence Manager Electrification and Business Unit Global Electrification Manager.

Topic: Subsea Power Solutions for Offshore Wind

This presentation will show the potential use of Subsea Power Equipment’s to build Subsea Substation to capture Power from offshore windmills. Subsea Power at this stage has been developed based on needs in the oil & gas industry but will need to be modify somewhat to better serve the offshore wind industry. Initial studies show both Capex and Opex reduction compared to traditional solutions.

ABB at ONS Young: Energy and Cyber Security - Monday 29 at 11:30-11:45 + 14:10-14:30

Ane Magnussen

Trainee at ABB

Ane has a master of Science within industrial economics and technology management from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Started as a trainee in ABB Energy Industries in 2021, currently working within Account Management & Sales by supporting the Equinor account in Norway. The account consists of the large ABB installed base and the upcoming new projects in Norway, including safety- and automation systems, telecom, digital, electro and digital solutions.

Topic: Energy and Cyber Security


We have an energy crisis, we have a climate crisis and you can see in the news that threat activity is increasing. We want cheap and accessible energy, we want safe and predictable energy access, while we at the same time are working towards Net Zero. What the energy sector doing to ensure this? Is there too little focus on energy security? Is there too much blue-eyed optimism and too little realism?


This talk at the ONS Young arena provides insight into, and reflections on the situation and challenges we face. A part of this is what is being done to monitor, manage and secure our energy supply. Ane gives a young employee in the industry's views on why energy and cyber security are incredibly important and exciting to work with.

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