Drive application programming

Programmable drives offer low cost decentralized application control directly at the process. You can program your application in IEC61131 and run it on your ACS880, DCS880 or DCT880 drive.

  • By using the standard IEC programming, you can transfer your PLC know-how to drive programming and easily migrate existing PLC code if your application is controlled better by the drive.
  • By having a PLC in the system, you can scale up performance, add a safety supervision layer or coordinate several programmable drives.
  • Automation Builder gives you full flexibility to engineer your system by putting control capabilities right where you need them.

Life cycle note
Programmable drive support is discontinued with Automation Builder 2.2. The successor engineering tool for ACS880, DCS880 and DCT880 programming will be the Drive Application Builder.

For maintenance of the installed base, Automation Builder can still be used to access old versions of drive IEC 61131 programming. The related option is still available in the Automation Builder installer, but it only affects the old version profiles still containing programmable drive support.

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