CP600-eCo - Devices

Control panels in three different screen sizes from 4.3" to 10.1" in ABB design or just black provide HMI functions typically required for basic applications. The engineering tool PB610 Panel Builder 600, part of Automation Builder, ensures easy scalability on the CP600 platform.

  • Widescreens, available in 4.3", 7" and 10.1".
  • Protocols for ABB PLCs, machinery and motion drives for Ethernet or serial connection.
  • OPC UA client and server functions.
  • Engineering by means of PB610 Panel Builder 600, part of ABB’s Automation Builder.
  • Ethernet interface 10/100 Mbit for easy connectivity to ABB automation components.
  • Flexible serial connectivity to automation components without Ethernet interface.
  • USB host for flexible data storage and easy updating.
  • ABB drivers for effortless integration into e.g. ABB AC500 automation solutions.
  • Drivers for integration into various third party automation systems.
  • Up to four physical protocols in parallel.
  • Several options for remote access via HTML5 pages, HMI client, VNC, plus FTP, SNTP, RSS.
  • Data transfer function to switch between protocols and interfaces like a gateway.
  • CP610 is configurable as web panel for visualization of the AC500 web server (V3).

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