CP600-eCo - Software

PB610 Panel Builder 600 - engineering tool for easy design of tailor-made graphical user interfaces for the entire CP600 control panel platform.

Tailor-made human-machine interface (HMI)

  • Efficient design of flexible graphical user interfaces in versatile automation solutions.
  • Vector graphics (*.SVG) for precise, easily scalable and dynamic HMI design.
  • Alpha blending for realistic transparency effects.
  • Libraries including rich sets of widgets - ready-to-use graphical objects.
  • Easy creation of customized widgets through the combination/modification of standard ones.
  • Customized widgets clearly arranged in user galleries.
  • Page templates for professional design.
  • Numerous configuration options for all HMI elements.
  • Realization of customized functions and individual dynamic manipulation via Java Script with debugger.
  • Easy data acquisition and trend presentation.
  • Reliable user and group access control.
  • Rich set of configurable features: dynamic objects, data acquisition, alarm handling, multi-language applications, recipes etc.
  • HMI simulation for efficient commissioning.
  • HTML5 pages for easy remote access via smart mobile devices.

PB610 Panel Builder 600 software is integrated in the Automation Builder engineering suite and can be downloaded via the Automation Builder installer.

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