CP600 - Software

Engineering tool Panel Builder 600


  • Well integrated into ABB Automation Builder project.
  • Fast change of panel size and orientation. Portrait and landscape.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface with WYSIWYG and Drag and Drop.
  • 3D Scalable Vector Graphics SVG, the "widgets".
  • Free widget gallery included.
  • Widgets with transparency, multi-layer and variable icons.
  • Customers can create own widgets.
  • Widget properties can be manipulated by ECMA-JavaScript.
  • Historical trends, scatter diagram and consumption meter.
  • Alarms, schedules, recipes, reports.
  • Multi-language applications with max. 12 languages per project.
  • Templates.
  • JavaScript with fast debugger running on engineering PC.
  • Offline and online simulation.
  • Eight level password protection.

PB610 software is integrated in the Automation Builder engineering suite and can be downloaded via Automation Builder installer.  



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