Wireless input/output modules

The WDIO wireless input/output module acts as a base station or access point and connects the wireless I/O signals from the field or machine to a PLC or controller via ABB´s FieldBusPlug devices. Supported by the FieldBusPlug are the following protocols: DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, Modbus, CANopen.

Several WDIO modules can be operated in the same area, in total resulting in the following performance:
  • Expandable:
    up to 39 I/O pads with 624 sensors/actuators in a small area with e.g. 3 wireless input/output modules (base stations).
  • Fast: 2 ms cycle time on radio path.
  • Determinism is constant whether one or 624 sensors/actuators are in use.
  • Range/power is limited to enable the multiple reuse of the band in a larger factory hall and for excellent coexistence with other wireless technologies to be used in parallel: 5 – 15m (typically 10m).



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