AC500-eCo - Accessories

A broad set of accessories rounds off the many benefits of the compact AC500-eCo range. ABB’s AC500-eCo offers a host of accessories that gives you the power to implement your application economically and in time.

The AC500-eCo Starter kit helps you to get familiar with ABB AC500 PLC offerings and the engineering tool within a very short time. The starter kit consists of a CPU, programming cable, digital input simulator, engineering tool and getting started handbook.

The terminal blocks for AC500-eCo CPUs and S500-eCo I/O modules are identical. The customer can choose between three types of terminal blocks.

The TK506 isolator extends the communication distance of the AC500-eCo CPU’s serial interface COM1.

Accessories Description
TA563, TA564, TA565 Terminal blocks (screw front/cable side or screw front/cable front or spring front/cable front)
MC502 SD memory card
MC503 SD memory card adapter
TA561-RTC Adapter with Real Time Clock
TA562-RS Adapter with COM2
TA562-RS-RTC Adapter with COM2 and Real Time Clock
TA566 Wall mounting accessory
TA570 Set of accessories (covers, terminal blocks for power and COM2)
TA571-SIM Digital input simulator
TA574 AC500-eCo Starter kit – learn how to connect and setup the components and how to program the PLC
TK503 COM1 USB programming cable
TK504 COM2 USB programming cable
TK506 RS485 isolator



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