AC500-eCo - CPUs

Based on the successful AC500 range, the extremely compact AC500-eCo PLCs offer the most flexible and economical configuration available, low cost and straightforward servicing and all requirements of a modern control system for small applications.


  • 128 kB program memory, program processing time 0.08 µs/instruction.
  • CPU module PM556 and PM566 with 512 kB program memory for more complex applications available.
  • 1 onboard RS485 serial interface (2nd is optional).
  • Centrally expandable with up to 10 I/O modules (standard S500 and/or S500-eCo modules can be mixed) – this means up to 335 local I/O channels.
  • Optional SD card/SD card adapter for data storage and program backup.
  • Fast counter up to 50 kHz.
  • All analog inputs on PM564 and PM566 CPUs can be configured as digital inputs to allow individual customer solutions.
  • Modbus data can be directly stored in the non volatile area of the internal data memory.
  • File handling including ZIP and UNZIP functionality.
  • Web server, FTP server and SNTP features for Ethernet CPUs.
  • PM556 and PM566 CPUs contain SMTP client for sending emails.
  • The AC500-eCo delivers an impressive set of programming features.
  • ABB uses a standard IEC61131-3-based programming system for the entire AC500 family - you will be up and running in no time with our IEC61131-3 compliant Automation Builder engineering suite.

Multiple communication options

  • Our AC500-eCo PLC package comes with a comprehensive range of communication options as standard.
  • An integrated serial interface provides an easy means of exchanging data.
  • A second serial interface can optionally be attached, allowing for the possibility of having a total of two serial ports available for programming and communication purposes.
  • Integrated web server for AC500-eCo Ethernet CPUs
  • Create your own visualization for up to three clients (with web browser) which can be connected to the CPU.
  • The visualization can be programmed with the integrated Web Visualization. 512 kB of memory are available in the CPU for storage of the web pages (1024 kB in the CPU PM556 and PM566).
    • The Ethernet interface (Ethernet CPU variants) can be used for programming and communication (protocols SNTP client, DHCP, UDP, Modbus TCP, HTTP and FTP). A SMTP client is available in PM556 and PM566 for sending emails.
    • The serial COM1 interface (RS485) can be used for programming, communication or remote I/O (protocols MODBUS RTU, CS31 master for remote I/O or programmable ASCII).
    • The optional serial COM 2 interface (RS485) can be used for programming or communication (protocols MODBUS RTU or programmable ASCII).         
    AC500-eCo CPUs Onboard I/Os Power Supply
    PM554 -TP 8DI 6DO Transistor 24 V DC
    PM554-RP 8DI 6DO Relay 24 V DC
    PM554-RP-AC 8DI 6DO Relay 100-240 V AC
    PM564-TP 6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Transistor 24 V DC
    PM564-RP 6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Relay 24 V DC
    PM564-RP-AC 6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Relay 100-240 V AC


    AC500-eCo Ethernet CPUs Onboard I/Os Power Supply
    PM554-TP-ETH 8DI 6DO Transistor 24 V DC
    PM556-TP-ETH 8DI 6DO Transistor 24 V DC
    PM564-TP-ETH 6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Transistor 24 V DC
    PM564-RP-ETH 6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Relay 24 V DC
    PM564-RP-ETH-AC 6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Relay 100-240 V AC
    PM566-TP-ETH 6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Transistor 24 V DC



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