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Clean Room HVAC for ABB semiconductors plant in Czech Republic

Cost-effective, scalable and modular PLC-based automation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices with remote access


When their production facilities were extended, the automation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices of the clean rooms has been modernized and the existing control system replaced by modern PLCs of the AC500 family.

Semiconductor products anywhere

Without exaggeration, semiconductor products are anywhere in our daily life. Some control the engines of modern cars while others enable the functioning of mobile phones. ABB s.r.o. Semiconductors is a modern Czech company, committed to research, development and manufacture of semiconductor devices. The products of the company enjoy a proven and continuously good reputation thanks to their high quality and reliability, even under harshest conditions.

Semiconductors from ABB Prague are found in trains and trams, and in the industrial production of equipment such as automotive welding robots. It is very likely that your car chassis was welded using welding diodes produced by ABB Semiconductors in Prague.

The ABB Semiconductors manufacturing plant has a total size of approximately 9500m2. When renovated in 2012, the manufacturing area increased by 15%, and the redesign of the production layout allowed for a more efficient utilization of the production plant.

Main facts

Industry HVAC
Customer ABB s.r.o. Semiconductors
Country Czech Republic

The first choice for HVAC control system applications

During the production facilities extension, the automation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices of the clean rooms has been modernized and the current control system replaced by modern PLCs of the AC500 family. Communication is realized via a TCP/IP network by using existing equipment. Controls have to process 1.300 I/Os. The Function Block Diagram (FBD) programming language is used to enable easy maintenance.

Its manifold functions make the automation system AC500 the first choice for a large variety of applications. The fine scalability of the PLC and the large range of I/O and communication interface modules available allow to adapt the control devices to the specific automation environment. For the entire AC500 family, ABB uses a common IEC61131-3 based programming system.

The AC500-eCo PLC is the cost-effective and easy way to start with the AC500 PLC range from ABB. The controllers are a safe investment due to the hardware/software compatibility of the AC500 product family and the common engineering tool Automation Builder. Standard S500 and S500-eCo I/O modules can be mixed.

The HMI operating device series CP600 offers screen sizes from 4.3” to 15”. The devices are very flexible and designed to suit applications in complex systems or processes. The CP600 devices offer improved communication of information and facilitate interaction between man and machine.

Fewer standstill times and higher production capacity

The automation system based on the AC500 has been tailored to the specific requirements of the clean room. This is not only a very cost-effective solution compared to dedicated building management systems, but the company also sees the advantage that the controllers and drives come from one source.

Distributed and discrete automation offers a high degree of independence in the process environment. The control solution is scalable and modular and has remote access. The high degree of reliability offered by the ABB products means fewer standstill times and higher production capacity. Maintenance is also easy, which is a real benefit too.

Jürgen Winterer, LBU Manager of Semiconductors at ABB s.r.o
"We are now more efficient and able to provide new products and technologies to our customers.”

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