AC500-XC - Condition monitoring system CMS

Predictable performance for your operations: Condition monitoring systems based on AC500.

Optimize your assets with a condition monitoring system (CMS) using the proven AC500 PLC platform. The FM502-CMS-XC module helps you to improve your operations resulting in greater efficiency and higher reliability while minimizing service and operating costs. Build dedicated stand-alone or control integrated CMS solutions with the modular AC500 PLC platform.

  • Condition monitoring and fast protection (vibration, current , voltage, speed/encoder).
  • FM502-CMS-XC function module needs to be connected with terminal base TF5x1 for direct interfacing to CPU, communication modules, other I/O.
  • PM592 CPU to be used on same TF5x1 (data storage, signal processing or communication, C-code interface for own diagnosis algorithms, 4GB flash disk for fingerprints, indicator trending).

FM502-CMS-XC module

  • 128MB local user memory.
  • 16 analog inputs, all synchronously sampled; configurable as IEPE or +-10V. 
  • Per channel 50k samples/s, 24bit ADC, per channel adjustable sampling, start, stop, trigger.
  • Encoder inputs (5V or 24V) up to 300kHz, 2 counters; 12 modes, including absolute SSI (1 MHz).
  • Compact WAV-Files delivered automatically to CPU, including synchronized encoder signals.
  • Input values always available for fast protection in CPU I/O image (also if no measurement is running).
  • Included in ABB Ability™ Automation Builder: configuration, libraries for CMS control and WAV file handling as well as "application example with signal processing library".

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