Control room solutions for remote operations

Operator in focus: Well-designed control room in combination with remote crane operation promotes operator alertness, productivity, collaboration and occupational health.

Automation and remote operation of all types of container handling cranes change the role of the operator. The operator is no longer for instance manually operating the cranes but instead supervises the automated process and manages exceptions from a control room typically located in the terminal main building. The control room should be designed with operator in focus to ensure that the operating environment facilitates for operator alertness and improved operator productivity at all times.

Moving crane operators to a control room improves the working ergonomics but good design enhances the ergonomics further. Investing in well-functioning working environments pays returns by reducing sickness absenteeism, and encouraging more motivated, collaborative and better performing operators.

A good design addresses a wide range of areas from how information is presented to the operators on the monitors, lighting and noise control solutions to planning the people flow in the control room during visits. ABB works in close cooperation with the customer throughout the design process to ensure that the design proposal meets the requirements of customer’s operating strategy.

ABB provides a complete design that considers all the aspects of a productive and ergonomic control room. The delivered design can also contain furniture recommendation as an option.

To learn more about how to design a control room, please refer to the downloadable article.

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