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Power Consulting Training Services

Networks of the future: Energy storage in innovative markets and microgrids

29. - 30. 11. 2017, Mannheim, Germany


  • Explore today’s innovative markets for energy storage and the trends on business models.
  • Discover the main available energy storage technologies and their applications.
  • Analyse the need of introducing microgrids in traditional grids and understand the state of the art of the energy storage technologies that are shaping the way grids are planned, developed and operated today.


Professionals involved in the planning, development, analysis, operation and maintenance of T&D, renewable generation, industrial and railway systems. Generally, any professional interested in understanding the problems of energy storage in macro and microgrids, as well as the technological solutions available today and their most important applications.

Course topics

Introduction to storage technologies

  • Description of grid related challenges nowadays
  • Rationale of the need for designing storage systems within the grid

Energy storage main technologies

  • Mechanical energy storage: hydroelectric (PHES), compressed air, flywheel
  • Electromagnetic energy storage: supercapacitors
  • Chemical and electrochemical energy storage: hydrogen, batteries

Pumped hydroelectric storage

  • Operating principle and components of an installation
  • Applications of pumped hydroelectric storage

Battery storage

  • Description of the technology: materials, life cycle
  • Applications of battery storage
  • Challenges in today's storage markets

Flywheel energy storage

  • Description of the technology 
  • Examples and applications of flywheel energy storage systems

Microgrids: innovative applications for energy storage systems

  • Definition of microgrids
  • State of the art of energy storage in microgrids
  • Examples and applications of energy storage in microgrids 

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Date and Location

Date: November 29th – 30th
Class time: 08:00 - 16:00

Location: ABB AG Power Consulting
Kallstadter Strasse, 1
68309 Mannheim


2100 € + 21% TVA per person 
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ABB Power Consulting
Calle San Romualdo, 13
28037 Madrid, Spain
Phone: (+34) 666 57 40 77 – (+34) 91 581 99 87

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