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Power Consulting Training Services

Energy transition: challenges of renewables integration

18. - 20. 6. 2019, Madrid, Spain


  • Understand the technical and economic challenges of integrating variable renewable energies in today’s grid around the world. 


Professionals in the energy sector with an engineering background or/and who have working experience in the context of power systems, eager to learn about renewables integration.

Course topics

Day 1: Introduction

  • History and problems of renewable energies 
  • Main renewable technologies: Overview of current energy trends: photovoltaics, solar thermal and
    wave energy
  • Stiffness of the grids and technical concepts

Technical challenges and solutions

  • Grid codes
  • Uncertainty and variability of wind and solar
  • Technical solutions for fulfilling grid codes

Distribution network: Technical challenges and solutions

  • Distributed generation: Current status and trends
  • Electrification of energy demand: Current status and trends
  • Main challenges of the high penetration of renewables in Distribution systems:
    • Reversal of power flows
    • Imbalances between phases
    • Extension of impacts in MV / LV level
    • Impacts:
      • Signal Quality (Overvoltages, phase unbalance)
      • Overload of network elements
  • Main challenges and solutions:
    • Microgrids
    • Storage
    • Intelligent Control
      • Optimization of user demand
      • Active Network Management

Electrical studies

  • Studies to determine the compliance with the grid codes, e.g. load flows, short circuits, harmonic emission.
  • Power plants measurements and studies needed to meet the specifications of each country and the international standards

Day 2: Introduction

  • Technological development and degree of maturity of existing renewable technologies
  • Historical evolution of the penetration of renewable energies
  • Fight against climate change

Energy policy and regulation

  • Main energy policies implemented at national, European and international level to promote the integration of renewable energies
  • Regulatory framework for renewable energies in Spain and Europe:
    • Basic concepts 
    • Main barriers and opportunities within the regulatory framework 
    • Compensation system and existing economic incentive types 
    • Requirements established by the Spanish regulation for these technologies 

The role of renewable energies in the Spanish electricity market

  • Electricity price determination and evolution: influence of renewable energies penetration
  • Introduction to the operation of the electricity market
    • Basic concepts
    • Design
    • Operating rules
  • Impact of renewable energies on the electricity market
  • Opportunities for renewable energies derived from the wholesale electricity market and the operation of the power system
    • Other alternatives (PPAs)

Date and Location

Date: June 18 – 20, 2019
Class time:
Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30 – 13:00 & 14:30 - 17:00
Thursday 8:30 - 14:30

ABB Power Consulting
San Romualdo, 13
28037 – Madrid



1620 € + VAT per person

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ABB Power Consulting
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