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Power Consulting Training Services

Energy transition: opportunities and challenges of renewables integration

19. - 21. 6. 2018, Madrid, Spain


  • Understand the technical and economic challenges of integrating variable renewable energies in to-day’s grid around the world. 


Professionals in the energy sector with an engineering background or/and who have working experience in the context of power systems, eager to learn about renewables integration.

Course topics


  • History and problems of renewable energies 
  • Voltage dips 
  • Power quality 
  • Intermittent generation 
  • Overview of current energy trends 
  • Main renewable technologies: PV and wind 
  • Stiffness of the grids, technical concepts 

Technical challenges and solutions

  • Grid codes 
  • Different countries, different requirements 
  • Uncertainty and variability of wind and solar
  • Predictive tools (sipreolico, etc.)
  • Technical solutions for fulfilling the grid codes 
  • New technologies in Power Generation Units 
  • FACTS 

Control and communications

  • Control centers, power plant controllers 
  • Regulations (country level) 
  • Guidelines (e.g. IEC 61400-25) 

Electrical studies

  • Studies to determine the compliance with the grid codes, e.g. load flows, short circuits, harmonic emission 


  • Measuring a power plant according to the specifications of each country and international standards  

Overview of energy market stakeholders

  • Power generation 
  • Network / Grid (T&D) 
  • Power Consumption / End users 
  • Political / Government / International 
  • Businesses 

Regulations and incentives for renewable energy

  • Why and what types
  • Pros and cons

Regulations and incentives for renewable energyPower markets

  • Overview of power market types 
  • Impact of renewable energy on the power market 
  • Available tools to control the renewable energy (legal, curtailment/financial, technical, etc.) 
  • Electricity balancing and ancillary services 
  • Market analysis example (simple) 
  • Preview of more advanced market analysis (e.g. software, tools and services) 

Case studies

  • Technical-economic analysis: problems and solutions 


  • Opportunities and challenges for the future 

Visit to the world’s first Renewable Integration Centre (CECRE) in Madrid


Date and Location

Date: June 19 – 21, 2018

Class time:
June 19 – 20: 09:30 – 13:00 & 14:30 – 17:00
June 21: 08:30 – 14:30

ABB Power Consulting
San Romualdo, 13
28037 – Madrid


1620 € + 21% TVA per person

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ABB Power Consulting
Calle San Romualdo, 13
28037 Madrid, Spain
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