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Photovoltaic energy storage solutions


All the energy you need is in your home


Store the energy and use it when you need it most

Would you like to store the energy produced during the day by your photovoltaic system and use it whenever you need, even at night?

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Much of the energy generated by a photovoltaic system, is produced during the day when there is little or no use at home. This energy is sold back to the grid. 

When electricity consumption is at its highest in the morning or in the evening, the energy generated by a photovoltaic system is either not sufficient or no longer available to power appliances like washing machines, ovens, televisions or needed lighting during the evening. 

When it happens you are forced to buy energy from your power provider which generally costs you more than the refund for the photovoltaic energy you feed back into the grid. 

Why? Because most photovoltaic systems lack a fundamental feature that allows you to store the energy you produce during the day for use when you actually need it.

REACT stores and allows you to make the most of the energy produced by your photovoltaic system

REACT is an innovative photovoltaic inverter, equipped with a built-in 2 kWh battery that lets you store your unused energy generated during the day for use later when you really need it.

Taking full advantage of the energy generated by your photovoltaic system, REACT allows you to achieve greater energy self-sufficiency. This is also possible thanks to the ability to program the operation of appliances (up to 4) based on the photovoltaic energy available.

REACT features an integrated Wi-Fi port and an application for smartphones or tablets which helps you keep everything under control and manage your energy use even when you're away from home.

REACT adapts to your energy needs and consumption habits. In fact, thanks to extra battery modules (up to 3), it allows you to increase the energy storage capacity of your system by up to 6 kWh.

Want to know the various benefits that REACT can give?


REACT is a new-generation photovoltaic inverter that has a built-in battery based on lithium-ion (Li-Ion) technology.

The choice of an integrated solution inverter + battery ensures maximum efficiency in energy conversion (minimal conversion losses) and increased battery life because it always functions optimally in all conditions (see technical specifications).

Independence and savings

With REACT you can self-consume a larger share of photovoltaic energy compared to a conventional inverter (without battery) and therefore be more independent of electricity cost increases.

During the season with more light you can get to meet even 80% or more of your energy needs without having to buy power from the grid.


REACT is designed to be flexible, thanks to its modularity you can decide to add more battery units to increase its capacity to store energy depending on your needs and style of consumption (up to a maximum of 6 kWh with 3 units).

In addition, through its 4 GO-GO programmable relays, you can manage the operation of devices or appliances based on availability of photovoltaic energy, even remotely.

In case of power mains supply power failure you can continue to power some devices through the auxiliary output of REACT exploiting the availability of photovoltaic energy or battery.


REACT provides maximum ease of use thanks to its intuitive user interface. You can control the production and consumption of photovoltaic energy through a computer or through the mobile App for smartphones or tablet even when you're out of the house.

Through the mobile App you can schedule the activation of some appliances (GO-GO relay function) , analyze your energy consumption and receive tips on how to improve your share of consumption and energy self-sufficiency.

REACT is designed to work without the need for user maintenance.


All the technologies used for the batteries and the various components of REACT are cutting edge and can always guarantee maximum reliability and safety of use.

A single supervisory system ensures that everything is always under control, both energy production and battery energy storage.

Its connection and operation is as simple as a normal photovoltaic inverter, it offers a wide choice of configurations compatible with all common photovoltaic panels.