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Bankability of solar inverters: A vital requirement to build trust, mitigate risk and maximize return on investment

The concept of bankability is today critically important in the solar photovoltaics (PV) business due to the rapid growth of the PV market and the arrival of numerous new players all through the value chain. Bankability has therefore recently become an essential benchmark which investors, banks and other financing institutions use to assist with financing decisions. When selecting the solar inverter, the high-tech heart and brain of any PV system, bankability of the supplier is of extreme importance, especially for large scale PV plants.

In the solar inverter market, where a new project may well have a planned lifetime of 20 years or more, the most important factors impacting and deciding the bankability of any supplier generally fall under four main categories. These are:

  • Company
  • Product
  • Processes
  • Service

ABB solar inverters have the capability to satisfy each of these deliverables, making them bankable and, more fundamentally, a choice that you can confidently trust.

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Bankability, Defined

When it comes to bankability, ABB has all the deliverables to make you comfortable. In the end, Bankability comes down to Trustworthiness and ABB is among the world’s most trusted companies. When it is time for you to specify equipment for your PV project, this trust should help you to comfortably conclude that ABB is a truly bankable choice in solar inverters. 

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