Regular maintenance decreases the risk of equipment failures and unscheduled repairs.

Life cycle assessment - the basis for a long-term maintenance and improvement plan

The primary goal in maintenance is to prevent failures and eliminate potential damages as quickly and safely as possible - at the lowest feasible cost. A life cycle assessment carried out by ABB or an ABB channel partner provides the foundation for developing a long-term maintenance and improvement plan. The purpose of the assessment is to define measures to be taken for lowering operational costs, improving productivity, reducing environmental impact and enhancing safety. An effective improvement plan not only helps customers budget maintenance costs, but also helps plan for future upgrades, retrofits and replacements.

Preventive maintenance

ABB recommends regular preventive maintenance of its converters and inverters throughout their lifetime to ensure maximum availability and minimum unplanned repair costs. Preventive maintenance consists of annual inspections and component replacements according to product-specific maintenance schedules.

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